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  • Dienz Jaffret posted 186 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    Where is the petition being done at, if its online, I'd like a link please.

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 188 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    hey man, yeah the fifa career mode thing sucks as how the post 30 players depreciate so fast, only Messi and Ronaldo are the two that even when they're 33, they're still on top.. and it takes a while for them to start depreciating. There are alot of things EA needs to fix in fifa. Like Soldado, everytime i used him, he kept getting called offsides alot, and that happens with alot of other forwards, especially when you get the ball back and want to attack, the players are still strolling to get back on sides and it pisses me off

  • Xryzoa Tempest posted 200 days ago

    Xryzoa Tempest

    Thanks for the reply. I will write a book back later...Just right now... My mind is in shock

  • Dan Riaz posted 263 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    (btw I warn ya, im unranked atm)

  • Dan Riaz posted 263 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Its all good, so long as you reply XD

    I am actually on NA server.. but just unable to play for the most part. What was your user again?

  • Sonny Singh posted 270 days ago

    Sonny Singh

    Sure dude that would be awesome, btw what console do you play on?

  • Dan Riaz posted 271 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    You've been gone for like... 61 days -__- shame on you son. SHAME ON YOU!! Actually to be fair, alot of people have been gone for longer so... its no big deal.

    F*CK ME?! Im still unranked because I cant play often + Internet issues. Im really behind. I used to be much better during s2... probably Gold 5 at best. Right now... Id be lucky to get into Silver :(

  • Dan Riaz posted 286 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Sup? Hows it goin? Mr Plat 1 :P

  • Xryzoa Tempest posted 330 days ago

    Xryzoa Tempest

    Yeah, hope so, nothing like a crisis that pulls fans together though.
    How do you think tonights match is going to go?

  • Dan Riaz posted 332 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Nice! I have a pretty deep champion pool. Its just, I dont own half of them XD
    Ah, Alex Ich fan huh? I like him, but in terms of European midlaners, I think Bjergsen and Xpeke are better. Its a shame Fnatic got knocked out, I dont like Royal Club.
    Who's your fav top laner? Mine's VOYBOY :D :D :D

    Plat 1?! Lol, I dont play enough x__x Im not that good. I think I have too many smurfs that I use to try out different sh*t. What's your user?

    Fifa again?! Werent you in last years tournament too? I havent played Fifa that much. I played the weekend before last for the first time in like... a year. I still got moves :D But yeah, good luck with that tournament! Im sure it'll be great fuN!

    ................ sigh, its depressing. We just gotta keep our head's up.

    Yup, Moyes needs a buff.. maybe next patch?

    Likewise! Good to hear you're well! Win that tourney in Vegas will ya? :D