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Justin Rapier

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Born somewhere near Chicago (I'm not exactly sure, because I didn't come out of my mother with notebook to document the momentous occasion), I was soon suffering from jaundice. Easily treated, but no less annoying. I can only assume it was annoying given my age. At 5 years, I was almost be taken out of existence by an allergic reaction, allergies which I battle to this day though much less severe. I grew up less than mediocre at sports, never very strong, and thus, I was picked on. Despite that, I avoided fights out of self-consciousness. Then came Tae Kwon Do. That gave me the boost in confidence that I needed to try other things, broaden my thinking, and above all, to develop my fighting spirit. I continued to develop my martial arts experience into jiujitsu, Muay Thai, and wrestling. I now have a wonderful and beautiful wife, a good job teaching English, and I have a humble mixed martial arts program of my own. It's still a struggle. It seems like everything I want I have to fight for, but that, as they say, is life. I love MMA and watch it any chance I get. I am always looking at fights trying to learn something, and then I try it out with the other fighters in my gym. Hopefully, I can due justice to the sport in writing.

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