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Hello sports world. I'm Adam, 24 years old, and currently residing in beautiful Syracuse New York, home of the never dull (but sometimes frustrating) Syracuse Orange.

I have a big-time passion for writing, and also have a big-time passion for sports. Bringing those two passions together is so much fun for me, and I enjoy every moment when I write about sports.
My other passion is Film. In addition to sports-writing, I also love screenwriting and I am trying to pursue a career in that as well. If you'd like to talk film, movies, sports movies or anything involing film production or screenwriting, please, don't hesitate.

I currently attend school in Syracuse and am pursuing my degree.

I'm looking forward to writing and commenting with all of you. I'm all for discussing sports, but I put a strong emphasis on Syracuse sports, especially Syracuse Basketball - for which I am a featured Columnist here at Bleacher Report. If you'd like to dicsuss anything sports related, don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a message.

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  • Josh Matt posted 991 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

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    lili lili

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  • Cheryl Wright-Watkins posted 1960 days ago

    Cheryl Wright-Watkins
    Adam, Thank you for the advice about leaving BBob alone. I was getting a headache beating my head against that brick wall. I knew that when John Wall made his decision to come to UK, he was still being heavily recruited by Duke but couldn't find any definitive written proof until tonight. I didn't subscribe to the site, but what is there is pretty definitive. His sit-down with Coach K was on March 29, 09. Cal made his announcement to come to UK on Mar 31. John made his announcement for Kentucky on May 20. If I ever see him again, I'll run fast the other way! Your team is on. Good luck!

  • Terry Robinson posted 1964 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    Apology accepted and reciprocated, if I offended you. I just didn't like seeing Jonathan being gang-tackled like that. His writing style is definitely quirky and it is unique. I have been reading his stuff for a while now, and I know he accepts constructive criticism well. But who among us wants to be bashed?

    Thanks, man. No harm, no foul.

  • Terry Robinson posted 1964 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    You were bashing the kid pretty bad. Obviously, I felt it was a little crude. Whatever.

  • Terry Robinson posted 1964 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    Must be your lucky week. Syracuse got a one seed AND you helped chase away a guy whose writing you just didn't like.

    You must be pleased.

  • Garrett Tucker posted 1978 days ago

    Garrett Tucker

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