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  • Vince Siu posted 1905 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Tony: Would love your views on my tactical suggestions on how to solve Liverpool's goal-scoring crisis. Hope you can check it out if you get some time:
    Cheers mate.

  • Shaun Gregory posted 1949 days ago

    Shaun Gregory

    Thanks for the message, Tony. Keep the articles coming as I love reading other people's opinions to see how they are similar or different to my own, and enjoy engaging in intelligent debate regarding interesting points both columnists and posters raise.

  • Tyler Yaeger posted 1956 days ago

    Tyler Yaeger

    For whatever it's worth, you're a better writer than many on here. No people ever agree all the time, and it wouldn't be the internet if we weren't fighting over something.
    And Americans need to stick together to some extent when it comes to soccer/football, I still bump into people who insist I don't have a clue what I'm talking about because of that.

  • Karl Matchett posted 1974 days ago

    Karl Matchett

    hey tony, thanks for the message. nice to get an appreciative one every now and then! feel free to check out my liverpool website which you can see on my profile page - lots, lots more stuff posted there on LFC. myself and other writers. cheers!

  • Shubbankar Singh posted 1980 days ago

    Shubbankar Singh

    Thank you so much for your words. They gave me incentive to keep on working for producing good articles. Criticism is hard to take when you have worked so hard for an article so your words were very inspirational. Thank you very much again.

  • Rick Seto posted 1994 days ago

    Rick Seto

    You're welcome. Keep on writing!

  • Vince Siu posted 2008 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Thanks for the fan add, Tony. Much appreciated.

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2009 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Hey Tony, thanks for becoming a fan! I've really enjoyed your last two articles. I grew up with more mainstream American sports, like baseball and basketball, but have been seriously getting into soccer/world futbol, especially Liverpool. Great job so far and I look forward to reading your work!