Devon S.


I am very unbiased when it comes to college football and can admit when another team is better than the Horns. I can also argue why the Horns can win every game in 2013. I don't think it will happen but anything is possible in college football. I do not write comments attacking other individuals and I do not "troll" I simply ask questions for clarity of points and state my opinion. I hate ignorant people who comment on teams and conferences they do not follow closely. I will always comment on Texas and Oklahoma because I love my Horns and I respect my enemy. I know enough about the Big 12 teams to comment on most posts but you will rarely find me debating a SEC, Big 10, Big East, ACC or PAC12 forum because I do not follow the teams in those leagues. I will correct false statements if I know I am 100% correct. For example recently someone said Bear Bryant won 6 National Championships at Alabama, but he won 5. Point made.

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