I am a Manchester United fan, having seen the 1985 FA Cup winning side when I was a child still living in Trinidad and they paid a visit for friendly. On that team were Norman Whiteside, Bryan Robson and a host of other greats.

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  • Matthew Maloney posted 2189 days ago

    Matthew Maloney

    The big question-what will happen when Sir Alex leaves United?



  • Matthew Maloney posted 2194 days ago

    Matthew Maloney

    Saying goodbye to some of the true greats of football following their retirement today.


  • Matthew Maloney posted 2197 days ago

    Matthew Maloney

    Ole Ole Ole!, My new article looks back on Barcelona's brilliant journey through the 2009 Champions League, hope you can check it out.



  • Willie Gannon posted 2208 days ago

    Willie Gannon

    Ahhh....Ardilles, Hoddle, Roberts, Galvin, Perryman....the good 'ol days. They're a long time gone now but hopefully Harry can actually build something for the next manager.

    And you've got to start somewhere don't you? Afterall, United went 26 years without...To win just once would be nice.

  • Willie Gannon posted 2208 days ago

    Willie Gannon

    Cheers for the fan-add Nigel, much appreciated.



  • Matthew Maloney posted 2215 days ago

    Matthew Maloney


    Who are the players you love to hate? We all have one or two. Here's my take. Feel free to leave comments /feedback again.

  • Matthew Maloney posted 2221 days ago

    Matthew Maloney

    Hey my newest article, please check this out. This one is the other side of the fence to last weeks slideshow - the top underrated players!: hopefuly some of these guys you'll already now about if there's any justice out there:

  • Matthew Maloney posted 2231 days ago

    Matthew Maloney

    My newest article, check it out:

    Feel fre to join the discussion below it, I think I've ruffled a few feathers with my picks to say the least!

  • Matthew Maloney posted 2237 days ago

    Matthew Maloney

    Hey Nigel, thanks for adding me as a fan: Here's my newest article, its about my favourite commentator, do you have any favourites? Can you imagine watching a game without commentary, I know I can't! Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback.


  • Barney Corkhill posted 2271 days ago

    Barney Corkhill

    Thanks for the fan add Nigel! Much appreciated! And welcome to Bleacher Report! Always good to have more writers on here, even if they are United fans :P