Will Poletti

Will Poletti


Born and raised in California, I came about the San Jose Sharks when I was 5 years old. A good friend of mine had a San Jose Shark sweatshirt on and I saw the Shark logo and asked him what sport is that and who the heck are the "Sharks". Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my love of hockey and anything that has to do with the San Jose Sharks.

After that day at school I went home and, still not knowing a thing about hockey nor did I really care, I turned on the TV hoping to see that night's Warriors game (The Warriors were decent back then with Jon Starks just coming over). When I turned on the TV I heard Randy Hahn proclaiming a new arrival to the team I had just learned about, the San Jose Sharks. Vincent Damphousse, the former Montreal Canadiens' captain. I wanted to see why my best friend loved hockey so much, so I stay tuned and luckily the game did not disappoint.

I knew nothing about the game so whenever there was a penalty for hooking or the ref would blow the play dead for interference, I had no clue what was going on. This wasn't a downside though because I was enjoying the quick pace of the game and all the action from end to end. By the end of the game, Vinny Damphousse scored a hat trick goal late in the third and all I remember was Randy screaming, "Guess who? ITS VINNY BABY!" And my love for the game of professional men's ice hockey was born.

I have had season tickets for the past 3 years and attended every game and playoff game. I live and die with this team, and there's been alot of good moments, and also some moments that I feel like a little part inside of me dies. Losing to Calgary at home in the WCF and then losing in game 6 really hurt, but the Sharks have pulled off upsets in their own right so the good goes with the bad...

I'm good friends with Drew Remenda, as all you know he is the colorful color man for the San Jose Sharks TV crew. I see him after after home game and he has also allowed me to go to the dressing room after games as well as gameday practices on the weekends to talk with Rusanowsky and Baker and the crew. I can tell you anything and everything about this team, any stat, any moment, anything. They are my following and its what makes me happy.

I'am a Freshman at Santa Clara University which is only a 5 minute drive from the Tank. That was part of the reason I picked SCU.

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  • Chris Finocchio posted 3548 days ago

    Chris Finocchio

    Good to see you on the site. Hope to read your first article soon,