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I have played hockey since the age of 5, and have loved the sport my entire life. I was born and raised in Saskatoon,SK but currently live in Lethbridge,AB Canada.

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  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3575 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Thanks Ryan. I appreciate the feedback and.................GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3575 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    OK, I have a question for you and I want you to remember Mr. Spock's words from the first Star Trek movie, "I have no ego to bruise." I graduated with a minor in Journalism in 1990 and haven't done much writing for news since then, I basically concentrated my efforts in broadcasting. I'm thinking about getting either a part-time writing, editing position or going freelance. In your opinion, do I have what it takes, honestly? Or is this just a pipe-dream I'm thinking about. What do you think. I really don't want to be laughed to scorn by going after this. Let me know and thanks.

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3579 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Thanks for the add. By the way, say hi to my brother in Vancouver, BC. I love Canada.