I graduated from Binghamton University in May of 2009, where I wrote for the Binghamton University Pipe Dream. I was the NHL/AHL Journalist; read my articles at: http://www.bupipedream.com/Authors/414

I covered the AHL All-Star Classic in Binghamton, NY, back in 2008. I interviewed several players including Boston Bruins' goalie Tuukka Rask.

In March of 2010, I interviewed Brendan Shanahan for a series he was promoting for Gatorade called "REPLAY."

I was formerly ranked among the top three NHL writers on Bleacher Report. I was also the featured columnist for the Buffalo Sabres. I have had several of my articles featured on NHL.com and CBSsports.com. I was also a featured columnist for the Winter Olympics, where I wrote about men's hockey.

Follow me on Twitter: MattNHLHogan

I stopped writing for Bleacher Report in July of 2010 and am now an associate regional editor for Patch.com. If you're interested in contacting me, email me at M.Hogan1@yahoo.com.

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  • Buffaloney posted 1947 days ago


    Ennis is something special isn't he ? It would be a strange coincidence if the offensive production goes into over-drive all the sudden.

  • Buffaloney posted 1977 days ago


    By the way sir .. I am now known as buffaloney, but you can still call me steve if it's easier to type.

  • Buffaloney posted 1977 days ago


    The unbeaten Americans routed Finland 6-1 earlier Friday but must beat favored Canada for a second time in eight days to win their first Olympic gold since the Miracle on Ice in 1980.

    Hey Matt - I just copied the above line from cbs .. Is Canada really going in favored? If so, I just find that to be interesting since the U.S is undefeated and all ready beat them once.

  • Ryan Pickard posted 1984 days ago

    Ryan Pickard

    Hey Matt thanks for the fan add much appreciated!

  • Mark Ritter posted 1987 days ago

    Mark Ritter

    Thanks for becoming a fan, appreciated!

  • Eric Naughton posted 2319 days ago

    Eric Naughton

    I thought you might be interested in reading this. I'm pre-empting the NHL's announcement, scheduled for sometime next week.



  • Mike Kent posted 2328 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    I wrote a funny article. How Maddof is to blame for all New Yorks sports problems


    I would love to know what you think about it

  • Bleacher Report posted 2440 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Hey Matthew.

    I am trying to get my "You Vote" series out there, and I was wondering if you could vote for the best goalie in the NHL.



  • Greg Caggiano posted 2602 days ago

    Greg Caggiano

    Hey thanks for the pick of the day vote, I appreciate it!