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My street cred as a hockey guru starts with my discovery of hockey in 1970. The team I came to love/hate is the New York Rangers. Of course I had to wait 24 years to see them hoist the cup. I was a season ticket holder for five years and became a caustic fan as a result of racing to MSG to see them get spanked. I have attended approximately 125 NHL games. I played ice hockey in a Friday night pickup league and was a contributing member of my championship college floor hockey team. I have been to hockey games in the following NHL venues:
San Jose Sharks-Cow Palace Shark Tank
New York Rangers-MSG
New Jersey Devils-Brendan Byrne Arena
Harftord Whalers-Hartford Coliseum
Boston Bruins-Boston Garden
Chicago Blackhawks-Chicago Stadium
Dallas Stars-Reunion Arena
Buffalo Sabres-The Aud
Vancouver Canucks-GM Center
I will not go into the Nassau Colliseum even for Dead shows.
Even though I am older than Chelios I still rollerblade on the Embaradero or in Golden Gate Park on Sundays.
I have also visited the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto where the cup is not.
I was privileged enough to see the Stanley Cup in person in 1994. Although I was living in San Francisco I had a trip planned to NY for a friend's wedding in June of 94. This was great timing as I was able to attend the NY Rangers victory parade in the Canyon of Heroes on Broadway in NYC. Photos I took at the event can be viewed here:
Since relocating to San Francisco in 1991 I have become an avid Shark's supporter. I hope they do not make me wait 24 years to see them hoist the cup.
I love the game of hockey.

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  • Vanessa Cantwell posted 2666 days ago

    Vanessa Cantwell

    Hey! To look at feedback, look at the page your article is on and click on the link that says "article history." It should all be there.

  • xx yy posted 2680 days ago

    xx yy

    No worries about length, I'll read almost anything put infront of me! I have to admit that the loss was initially shattering in the Super Bowl, but I'm not going to overlook for a second that the Giants d-line was playing as if there was no tomorrow—as they should be. It was a great end to the NFL season, and although it didn't turn out like I hoped, I'm glad the win was earned by one side, and not just a blow out.

    As far as the San Fran stuff, thanks for the tips! Being a student I don't know when I'll get to start traveling, but you never know, and the advice is always welcome!

    Glad you're getting such a warm reception here on B.R.!

  • xx yy posted 2680 days ago

    xx yy


    I was scrolling down the Bleacher Report Award page and I noticed you had left a comment saying that you're a new NHL writer here on Bleacher Report. I just wanted to offer you a belated welcome on behalf of the NHL "section" I guess you could say.

    I've read through some of your stuff—very factual, and very thorough! I'd love to see you tackle some opinion pieces though. I love seeing the "homer" side of view, and just different interpretations of storylines around the league.

    If you've got any questions, feel free to ask me via my profile, or my email (located on my profile!). Welcome to the team!