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  • Chris B posted 2022 days ago

    Chris B

    Arron,check my latest aritcle out if you can,Iworked for hours on it!:

    Please and thank you! :)

  • Adam Testa posted 2216 days ago

    Adam Testa

    My latest piece may be my best yet. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Jeff Leen, assistant managing editor of investigations for the Washington Post, about his new book, "Queen of the Ring." This article looks at the life and times of women's wrestling pioneer Mildred Burke and the new book telling the forgotten story of her life, career and legacy.

  • Adam Testa posted 2304 days ago

    Adam Testa

    I've been gone for a few days, and wanted to share my story with all of you. Here's a tale of discovering a passion for professional wrestling amidst a disaster scenario.

  • Adam Testa posted 2314 days ago

    Adam Testa

    Normally I'm TNA's number one defender on B/R, but I think the company screwed up big time with a recent move. Read below to find out more:

  • Adam Testa posted 2325 days ago

    Adam Testa

    Jeff Hardy has given his notice to the WWE. Could he be on his way back to TNA? Join the discussion here:

  • Adam Testa posted 2329 days ago

    Adam Testa

    WWE debuted their fourth weekly show Thursday night, and it was WEAK! Share your thoughts on my newest article:

  • Adam Testa posted 2340 days ago

    Adam Testa

    Hey Arron, after I short hiatus, I am back on B/R and trying to post more regularly. He's my first story back, a look at a possible face turn for one of the Beautiful People in TNA. I'd appreciate any feedback and comments.

  • Adam Testa posted 2389 days ago

    Adam Testa

    Hey. Thanks for the compliments. Glad you enjoyed Knockouts Korner. I hope to keep it going regularly. My e-mail is Feel free to contact me there.