Ed Levy


Bronco fan resume:
First game: the 1980 season, cannot get more granular than that.
Favorite viewing of a great Elway comeback: 1983 at home versus the Colts when Denver came back from a 19 point 4th quarter deficit.
Favorite Bronco offensive player: Oroson Mobley
Favorite Bronco defensive player: Rulon Jones
Biggest douchebags to ever visit Denver: Terrible-douchebag waving Steeler fans.
Itching to see: Philip Rivers getting blindsided and carried off the field.
Coolest thing seen at old Mile High: Jeff Hostedler limping off the field underneath a racious south stand fan base while the Raiders were shut out on an early 90's Monday Night Football game.
Claim to fame: Threw a sagging pants gangsta Raider fan down a flight of stairs at the old Mile High. Ok, I didn't do that but it sure would be fun.

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  • terry yunie posted 2954 days ago

    terry yunie

    Hey I just wanted to say I reread your article stepping stone to the playoffs.. I just wanted to say goodluck..... oh wait the donkeys arnt going to the playoffs either.. eat shit donkey f*├žker..

  • Punkus posted 3033 days ago


    Sorry this article is so 11th hour. Had a family situation come up. Anyway...

    Find out how the Denver Broncos can prove they are for real this week against Dallas.

  • Punkus posted 3048 days ago


    What are the Broncos Chances against the Browns?

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    How will the Broncos fare in Week One?

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    Who on the Broncos has the quality of a Captain?

  • Punkus posted 3059 days ago


    Hey Check out my latest offering and tel me what you think.

  • Mike Kent posted 3074 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Should the Giants go after Brandon Marshall?

  • Punkus posted 3084 days ago


    What do the coaches in Denver think of Tony Scheffler?

  • Punkus posted 3086 days ago


    What part will Brandon Stokley play for Denver this season?