In JBL We Trust

In JBL We Trust

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  • Rehab McInterest posted 265 days ago

    Rehab McInterest

    Damn, people have just disappeared off this site.

  • Olli Seppala posted 323 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    Man, please come back Wrestling God:(

  • The Durantula posted 331 days ago

    The Durantula

    Cool profile pic, JBL was an awesome champion!

  • Long gone posted 380 days ago

    Long gone

  • Olli Seppala posted 453 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    You've meet JBL? Awesome!

  • Long gone posted 453 days ago

    Long gone

    Nobyd trusts JBL, lol

  • HEELS of Wrestling posted 454 days ago

    HEELS of Wrestling

    thats great man. Iv'e met Matt Hardy twice, Nikita Koloff twice, Scott Steiner, Ric Flair and quite a few indy stars too. It's always an honor to meet veterans, and Ric Flair's handshake is definately something I will never forget. It was firmer than Steiners to be honest

  • Dany Nathan posted 454 days ago

    Dany Nathan

    " *It's great to see you back commenting again."

  • Dany Nathan posted 454 days ago

    Dany Nathan

    I've been doing great JBL. It's to see you back commenting again, and also listening to JBL on Raw is really awesome. I always enjoy his commenting. I just wish they would trade Cole to Smackdown, and call up Ross back to Raw. JBL, Lawler, and Ross would be a great team.

  • Sports Lover posted 455 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    WWE needs JBL!