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Colton Stombaugh

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I've always had a huge passion for sports, from a very early age. I consider myself lucky to have grown up being able to watch three of the greatest talents of all-time in their primes in Jordan, Favre, and Junior Griffey; and consider myself even luckier to be able to grow up in a time when the games and the athletes themselves were still bigger stories than all the off the field garbage. Played baseball, basketball, and football growing up but stuck to baseball until my sophmore year of college. I'm a die-hard Packers, Mariners, and Irish fan and grew up just outside of Chicago...don't ask how. I love watching the NBA but I can't claim the Bulls anymore, too disappointing of a franchise. I consider myself to be one of the first to jump on the Lebron James/ Cavs bandwagon, and believe he'll take Jordan's spot in my mind as the greatest ever. Always thought about trying to write sports, and well I guess this is my first step.

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