Brad  Leonard

Brad Leonard


Alright all you party animals, my name is Brad and i think you should all know that i have strawberry blond curly hair. ITS NOT ORANGE. I like long walks on the beach and a glass of scotch. Id have to say my greatest pleasure in life if the sports i play along with the beautiful girls i hang out with. I have a bunch of pals whom i like to hang with and cause destruction and devastation together. Lets see i play roller hockey and soccer. I am starting to play ice hockey junior year. I am working though, at a wonderful pizza place called IMOS and it has the best pizza ever so all you kids need to order there from now on or ill just stab you in the jaw or sumthing!!! I LOVE MUSIC!! If you look down towards my music you'll see the long list of bands i love to listen to. Unfortunatly i havent learned to play any instruments but i would love to some day when i have more free time. I love going to concerts and seeing my favorite bands play. I adore a doctor named Pepper (dr. pepper for you idiots who dont know how to think)... I know i shouldnt drink soda but i figure its better than alcohal so what the hell. But yea i like to eat pizza like every other NORMAL person on the planet, because pizza is a great, nutricious, filling, and delicious food that you can make and eat anytime or order from Imos because no other pizza place compares. But yea i own FOUR FUCKING CATS which is ridiculous and i just want to punt them sometimes kuz they stink (literally) and can be fucking annoyiing like my little brother. My little brother can be cool but can also be someone i like to call satans twin haha. My moms and pops are pretty cool most of the time but can really grind my gears and get me in a mood you dont even want me to describe... But yea i dont think im gonna describe what i look like because theres a picture somewhere on this page so you guys can check that out i guess unless your retarded or blind but then you wouldnt have been able to get this far and comprehend but yea anyways im leaving bye.

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  • Jamie Brown posted 3124 days ago

    Jamie  Brown

    Madden Curse, take a look. Best article you'll see all year haha