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Having moved 25 times in my 39 years on this planet I have experienced the beauty and emotion of sports from every perspective. I've participated, watched, loved, and hated.

I watched my father wipe tears from his face staring at the television in disbelief as Bucky "F'n" Dent ran around the bases - and I "got it". These games aren't just games to many of us. They are a release from the struggles we face every day. They are the dreams we have had (realized or not), and the devestation we alone can only truly understand. They are games that can bring complete strangers together while dividing flesh and blood allegiances just as easily.

Anyone who suggests "It's just a game" doesn't get it. In some way or another, the sports and teams we invest ourselves in often define who we are or how we are perceived. There is no better theater than human drama put in the most precarious situations as we collectively hold our breath awaiting the outcome. I love my sports, and I am happy to share my perspectives or opinions with you.

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