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  • Richard Bowler posted 1660 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    I thought you might like this article

  • JW Nix posted 1696 days ago

    JW Nix

    Another ALMOST All-Time Team is up.
    This time it's the Cardinals :



  • JW Nix posted 1748 days ago

    JW Nix

    I think you may dig this from KD. It deserves AOTD :


  • Tim Weideman posted 1754 days ago

    Tim Weideman

    No problem and thanks for the kind comments.

  • David Protheroe posted 1768 days ago

    David Protheroe

    Awesome! looking forward to reading it. I actually got to watch the game tonight due to CBC actually airing a game in the pacific!!

  • David Protheroe posted 1786 days ago

    David Protheroe

    Yeah, I feel you on the time issues. While I don't get to watch the games, I do make sure to read the recaps on NHL.com for every game. So i always get the basics.

  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 1788 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    Thanks. I contribute to Flames because they are my favourite team. Since I live in Toronto and our team sucks I cheer for Flames. Plus Flames got my favourite goalie and defense(Kipr and Dion). Flames rule! Take it easy M.

  • David Protheroe posted 1802 days ago

    David Protheroe

    Hey M, just wondering if you were planning on writing any articles soon? I really liked the stuff you wrote last year, and I'm looking forward to reading more!

  • micheal malcolm posted 1838 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey M

    I’ve started a weekly segment looking at a review of what has happened in the NBA for the week. Your support and commentary would be greatly appreciated as I continue to hone my writing and analytical skills


    Thanks in advance for the support!

  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 1916 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    my biggest project to date! feedback would b really appreciated!