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As a child in the the late 70's early 80's I was raised as a distance runner, and an avid soccer grommet. This loosely led me to shun all professional professional "team" sports. However, growing up in the Bay Area you had some of the greatest teams ( of all time) so you became a fan of both the Giants/A's 49er's/Raiders. (more on that in future articles) I moved to the great city of San Francisco on October 17th, 1990. One year to the day after the Loma Preita Earthquake. I figured nothing bad was going to happen a year to the day, so with all my worldly possessions in a 1962 VW bug I made the journey from my little hometown of Chico, to the emerald city. I moved to S.F. to follow my two passions, Skateboarding and punk rock, two passions I still have strong feelings for today. Soon after, settling in, I found myself going to San Francisco Giant's games, and the rest as they say is history. I bleed orange and black. I have a Giants bat girl tattoo, (think old school sailor, only baseball) I spent many a freezing day game, and quite a few extra inning night games,(vini vedi vicci) at the great Candlestick Park. I was at the groundbreaking of Pac Bell park (it will always be Pac Bell to me) I was at Bonds 500th and 600th Home run games, Yes, I cheered for Bonds, even though I have always thought he was a bit of an arrogant prick. He was on MY team, I had to root for the guy. I went to 2002 world series games and had great seats, in a bar right down the street. The Giants became to me, all consuming, everything, and even tough I have graduated from a skateboard to a motorcycle and from punk rock to well, punk rock. The Giants remain UBER ALLES. (above all). They will raise from their recent mediocrity and become World Champions, VERY SOON. Mark my words. Listen to me now, but hear me later. In addition to Mi Gigantes, I also enjoy (to a lesser degree) The Raiders, English soccer, Bicycles, Boxing, dogs, and blackberry milkshakes. I look forward to providing you the reader with spirited insight and witty banter. Thank You for taking time out of your busy to day to read a little about me. now, LETS GO SPORTS!!!!!!!

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