Steve Keegan

Steve Keegan


Steve Keegan worked as a photojournalist for 17 years on newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Napa Valley Register and Reno Gazette-Journal. He is an alumnus of the San Jose State School of Journalism, where he won several awards for his writing and photography.

While chief photographer of the Napa Valley Register, Steve regularly photographed the Raiders, A's and San Jose Sharks.

(My profile picture is of my childhood hero, Butch Goring, with his arm around me. I am wearing my "Mr. Bill" t-shirt and look like I just met Jesus Christ. An easy mistake considering Butch's 70's hairstyle. )

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  • Eric Willoughby posted 2035 days ago

    Eric Willoughby


  • Lewie Pollis posted 2742 days ago

    Lewie Pollis

    Hey Steve,

    I know "East Coast bias" is a big pet peeve of yours. I thought you might be interested in my attempt to quantify it:

  • Giants27 posted 3173 days ago


    How it's going?

    Hope you can check out my latest where I analyze the quarterbacks taken before Tom Brady in the 2000 NFL Draft:
    Please comment if you've got the time, thanks!

  • Patrick Laird posted 3179 days ago

    Patrick Laird

    Steve - I linked to your list of five most embarrassing commercials to watch with your little girl article in my recent post. Hope you don't mind.

  • Giants27 posted 3179 days ago


    Hey, how's it going?

    Here's my week six fantasy baseball waiver wire:

  • Dondi Raider posted 3186 days ago

    Dondi Raider

    Wanted to let you know that I just read your comment about editorials....."we've probably stoppe dreading"...slayed me cuz some folks don't know when to stop! So I also had to become your fan cuz I met Butch Goring back in the day - very cool dude. Your profile pick is awesome too. Luv Nolan Ryan, gunna read your artivle when i'm dun here....BTW do you know Jeff Longo?

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3250 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Greetings Steve -

    Enjoyed your first article on our favorite hockey team. Though my favorite baseball team are the boys in Blue, it does seem like we have many favorite players in common.

    Excellent photo with Butch, I always say if it wasn't for the Kings, the Islanders wouldn't have won any Cups, what with us giving them Goring and Smith.

    When you get a chance, please check out the following link as I would be interested in your feedback:

    All the best!