Geoff Roughface

Geoff Roughface


Sports are my life. I was not always so crazed about everything sports related, but I am content now that I am here.

I grew up playing football and high school and have a deep love for the sport. While it's my favorite, I do love any sort of sporting event; especially collegiate.

While professional teams, athletes and fans have their reasons for following them I can't really get into them at all. I find all of the pride, passion and sportsmanship in college athletics. Regardless of the division or sport, these kids play their hearts out for their school. Of course many of them dream of professional or Olympic dreams but while they're in college they're playing for much more than themselves I think that's awesome.

I love any college tradition, fight song or team. I think it's great for fans to know them as well and to share them as they travel to games or during their careers and always have a bit of school pride regardless of where he or she went.

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