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I started with Bleacher Report in March 2008 and had a great time reading, reviewing, and of course writing the various columns hosted here. I took a year-long hiatus when I moved into a new role at a new company. But just like Jordan, I came back.

I'm not the most frequent poster or the edgiest, but the thing I enjoy the most is starting good conversations and debate. So at times my pieces can get heated, controversial, and even ludicrously biased, but it's all done with the end goal of sparking discussion.

As for my background, I grew up in central Massachusetts and have stayed loyal with my sports teams through thick and thin. It's been a great decade for Boston, arguably the most successful sports city in the country during the past decade, but it wasn't that way the previous 16 years of my life and I don't expect it to last, so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can now. But I'll still be rooting for Boston and my other teams through the good and bad seasons just the same.

I live in New York now which brings some great arguments and debates any time I open my mouth about sports. Obviously I hate the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Montreal Canadiens, but I do respect them. I love the idea of the classic sports rivalry and enjoy the few series every year which bring out the passion and hostility that used to exist amongst the majority of teams in pro sports.

Let's get one thing straight... I'm the guy at the game who hates the piped in organ music and horrible pop music, can't stand the thought of cheerleaders at a basketball game, and dies a little bit when I see Paul Pierce and LeBron James hug before tip-off. I live for the sounds of trash talking, the sight of a player recklessly diving headfirst into the stands to save an almost meaningless possession, the special moments where a guy like Rajon Rondo can square up against Kobe Bryant ready to throw down like he did in the 2008 NBA Finals while giving him a look that says, "I'm better than you Kobe". It's the last part that I love about sports the most. Even the biggest homer in sports (excluding Tommy Heinsohn of course) would admit that there's no way Rondo's better than Kobe, but I guarantee you that Rondo is sure that it's true.

And that's what I love about sports. Whether someone is right or wrong when they're making their case, they are passionate and won't be convinced otherwise. That's enough about me, check out some of my articles, share your comments, and add to Bleacher Report yourself.

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  • Garrett Tucker posted 2832 days ago

    Garrett Tucker

    Hey man check this out:

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2843 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    This week I had a chance to interview Knicks legend John Starks about what he is up to and what he thinks of the Knicks today. Check it out if you'd like:

  • Caleb M. posted 2848 days ago

    Caleb M.

    Definitely, it was a great piece, I completely agree.

  • Garrett Tucker posted 2853 days ago

    Garrett Tucker

    You may be interested in this Andrew:

  • Andrew W posted 2853 days ago

    Andrew W

    No problem man. I liked the articles of yours I read. I'm excited to read your next one.

    Go Celts!

  • JB McCandles posted 2861 days ago

    JB McCandles

    id love your opinion on my new article out on Al Skinner!

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2867 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    With all the other options, I can't seem to figure out why the Knicks are so invested in Jordan Hill.

  • Farooq Ahmed posted 3045 days ago

    Farooq Ahmed

    Hey, Who are the Top 5 NBA Teams Going Into The 2009/10 Season?


  • Dave Morrison posted 3266 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hey Andrew—Dave Mo here, a Bleacher Report Community Coordinator.

    I've been spending time on our Celtics page and read a couple of your old articles. Really on-point do good work.

    Given that you haven't written in a while, I thought I'd check in and see if you're interested in picking up your coverage again. What do you say?

    If not, it would be great if you could give me some feedback on why you decided to stop writing and what we could have done to better serve you. If you wouldn't mind, please shoot me a line at with any thoughts.

    Thanks so much,

    Dave Mo

  • Tom Brewster posted 3405 days ago

    Tom Brewster


    I am a Junior at Syracuse and lifetime native of Boston. When I look at your profile, I think it is mine. Good stuff man, keep up the great work.