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Kha Le


Love watching the NBA: I grew up watching Bird and Magic with my older brothers. Fell in love with watching the sport due to Michael Jordan. David Robinson and the San Antonio Spurs are my all-time favorites in the NBA....I learned to admire athletes like Robinson and teams like the Spurs who give more to their fans than just winning championships and games.

I've always watched tennis since the late '80's with my brothers. But since Spring 2006, I LOVE watching, playing, and reading about tennis. Why since 2006? A little short story, my two older brothers both played tennis and went to college playing it....while I played football, wrestling, and shot-put and discus. I was a decent "3.0" to "3.5" tennis player that played maybe 3-4 times a year. That all changed one day when I woke up and watched a Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe on Classic sports before going to school. After school, I went to the mall in Santa Barbara and noticed a man in front of me with clean white pants and shirt...but REALLY dirty shoes on. For some reason his hairstyle looked familiar to me, so I decided to follow him to the parking garage. As he turned, I noticed it was no other than JIMMY CONNORS!! I couldn't believe it.....what are the odds that I would watch him on T.V. that morning...then seeing him in person later!!?? I was literally 5 feet behind him when I yelled out his name " JIMMY?!?!?!". He turned around smiled and said " whats up?!" I shook his hand and told him about my story. Was funny because he said " i lost that one right?" hahaha.

Anyway, I've been playing tennis 5+ times a week ever since that moment and am a "4.0" to "4.5" player now ;-).

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