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  • Trey Tak posted 8 days ago

    Trey Tak

    That was possibly my longest comment yet. lol

  • Trey Tak posted 8 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Let's pretend that last game didn't even happen. One of the worst games I've seen all season from any team. I don't even want to talk about it lol. All I can say is that I hope Abel Hernandez is rightfully punished after his cheap shot on Jones. Also, wtf is Fellaini thinking? He's going to be on the bench for the first 3 games now, and he probably will find it hard to make the starting XI once our summer signings come in. No one but himself to blame. I don't think it was intended but still unnecessary so deep in their own half.

    So Memphis is here. What do you make of the transfer rumors swirling around us so far? De Gea is likely gone. Which of Madrid's players would you try to get in a swap? I'd say it's down to 3 choices if LVG wants to take advantage of this situation. Modric, Navas, or Bale.

    Guendogan also looks like he may be headed to OT. His girlfriend posted an Instagram picture of Manchester airport...maybe she's trolling us. I just did a quick Google search: is reporting it's final? Hopefully it's for a fair price. I'm concerned about his mobility and I feel like we need more of a DM than anything else. Still, the guy has world class talent.

    No Hummels. Maybe a silver lining? Otamendi being rumored...

    Leverkusen is going to be a dark horse next season if they keep all their stars and add a few pieces. Kramer and Bender protecting their defense, Son and Bellarabi on the wings, Brandt and Calhanoglu interchanging...they need better defenders though. I watch so much of Leverkusen because of Son/Cha Boom that I'm thinking of following them regularly. Don't want to be labelled a bandwagon fan though, just because of their success.

    True, LVG is more known for his possession game than counter attack. I'm being nostalgic having grown up with SAF's style. It's crazy how one manager's tactics almost defines an entire club. We may concede our fair share, but we will attack, outscore, and outpace you.

    haha yes. I have a man crush on Park lol. He was a big reason I got into football. My first jersey was a red Korean Ji Sung kit, and I have 2 other Park kits. ( is his trademark goal. The guy who delivered that cross had a great career in Europe too. He's another of my favorites, Lee Young Pyo. I actually met him at a training session when he was in MLS, and we talked for 30 minutes in my car lol. The guy is class as hell.

    Yeah, I'd take your 5th tier GK at this point lol. Maybe Timo Horn. Our GK was the sole reason we got knocked out in the past WC. Also I wish Cha Du Ri was 10 years younger. Du Ri was not quite as good as his dad, but just as much of a cult hero with Korean fans. He's a physical machine at RB and he can sometimes score belters (holy shit, that video is 9 years old).

    Where do you think Young will start? LB? Memphis is set for that LW position, isn't he? He's strong and technical enough to play at CAM though. Thoughts?

    We need someone strong and quick enough up front to unsettle defenses. Lacazette? Definitely fits the bill, but if he leads the line, he has to be better with the ball with his back to goal. Also struggles aerially being like 5'9". It all depends on LVG's preferred formation next season.

    I can agree with that. I usually like it when the killer is unknown for most of the season too. But what I actually liked about S4 were the mind games Dexter and Trinity were having in broad daylight lol. Dexter messing with Trinity's sister's ashes...and that scene at the end of season 4 OMG. I remember experiencing emotional rollercoasters when Dexter comes home and finds Rita's phone..."Wait...what? WHY IS HER PHONE AT HOME? Ah, maybe she just forgot it. Wait..she CAME BACK to the house? No freaking way. OMG SHE MUST BE DEAD IN THE BATHTUB."

    I'd watch The Devil. I heard Gap Dong was good, but I usually refrain from watching dramas with K-pop idols acting in them lol.

    I'll get back to you on Vikings once I watch a few episodes. I've been watching too many shows right now lol. Arrow, Dexter, Grimm, and so many others I want to see. The spinoff from Breaking Bad, The Flash, Gotham, etc...damn my love/hate relationship with this digital generation!

    Dude, I've been listening to Woke the F*ck Up for the last few days. Yes, I've read your comment ages ago. Decided to be an ass by not replying until now lol. But seriously, I like this guy's material. Good stuff. Thanks for the rec.

    Lol you absolute lunatic! But maybe Sansa will finally take action for once now. Reek is going to kill Ramsay one of these seems to be building up to that conclusion even though I hate Theon too. Maybe Arya finishes her training and saves her sister by killing both Theon and Ramsay. That'd make me hate Sansa more though...DO SOMETHING SANSA.

    Keep your hopes up, I'm sure good ol' George R.R. Martin has some other twisted characters for you to like if Ramsay dies. Maybe his long lost half-brother or something haha.

    That ending. LOL. Simple yet I feel like there needs to be a violent death to mark the end of a series like Game of Thrones. Maybe Ramsay rides on the horse for a while, gets bored of it, then kills it for fun. Then he looks around, sees nothing to do, shrugs, and kills himself. Trying to keep it accurate lol.

  • Trey Tak posted 20 days ago

    Trey Tak

    btw we should start calling Depay Memphis because he hates his given name. United fans should welcome him by showing some respect by calling him Memphis

  • Trey Tak posted 21 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Yeah, throat inflammations and infections which almost reached my lungs. I'm still dealing with the aftermath worries though.

    I'm glad we're getting our transfer business out of the way faster. Now Depay has an entire summer to acclimate with the squad rather than having to adjust during the season. Let's hope we get the other guys sorted out soon!

    btw I've been watching more of Gladbach, and caught their dominating of Leverkusen this past week. I like Kramer a lot. Composed, passes well, and tackles like a beast. We should take a look at him if we can't get Schneiderlin. Also, your boy Hermann played out of his mind. That guy's another German late bloomer ala Max Kruse.

    True, WBA, Chelsea, and Everton all had the buses out and running, but I'm really disappointed in our end product. All 3 of the games were winnable and we simply couldn't put the ball in the net. Beating a dead horse here: I'm a traditional United fan when I say I want to see us play with wingers and destroy teams on the counter. I believe we're playing the way we are because I think LVG took a look at our squad and found that this is the best way to get results. His triangle tactics are interesting, and I think he'll keep that Ander-Mata chemistry in the lineup, but United is about pace, grit, and counter attacks, and I hope that's what we return to. I could see Depay at left wing as the more natural explosive winger to take on players while we have the playmaking abilities of Matander on the right. Would put pressure on the defenders. And yes, I never want Rooney so deep.

    I thought it was very tactically interesting, but I didn't like it either lol. It just gave WBA more incentive to set up deep and defend narrow. With Rooney/RVP as pseudo-AMs and Fellaini up centrally, WBA was able to clamp down on them, forcing our play to the wings. Having Fellaini deeper rather than as CF makes it harder to defend him as he can drag his markers all over the field. Instead, he had several WBA defenders marking him at once. The idea was not bad in concept, but like you said Rooney was terrible at it.

    Also, there are better AMs out there in the world who can blast the ball from distance just as well as R&R and are better creators. That gives teams a lot to think about whereas Rooney and RVP are great long shot takers but aren't natural play makers. RVP is a predatory striker and he needs to play there. He's getting older so he needs consistent service for him to take chances. He can't run onto the balls or move fluidly in the box anymore so maybe a change of position could be an option. If he's creative enough is another point entirely. Messi is brilliant running onto the balls as a false 9 and creating chances from deeper positions, which is what makes him versatile in the attacking positions. I'm not sure RVP can make that same transition.

    ADM was absolutely terrible in the WBA game, I wonder if LVG is seriously considering moving him on in the summer if a good offer comes in...

    Isn't Guendogan a bit like Pjanic? I'd take Pjanic if I had a choice lol.

    True, although there's Dempsey, Bradley, and Yedlin. But the rest of the best are definitely basically Germans lol (thanks, Klinnsmann). I do root for the USA if Korea loses in an international competition, but it's sad how little talent the US is producing compared to other sports.

    haha, I was trying to be a bit modest but if you say so, I won't argue that about Korea! I love how our players are doing in Europe so far. Ki with 8 goals in the EPL, Son with 16 goals in all comps, Kim Jin Su has been one of the bargains of the season, etc. Speaking of Asians in Europe, Mainz is turning into the Asian Bundesliga squad...that Japanese kid who's been linked with Chelsea has apparently just signed. That makes 4 Asians in possibly the same starting XI!

    Yeah Germany has too many talented players lol. Crazy how good players like Stindl and Hermann have never played in an international game for Germany. Give Korea least a good goalkeeper, CB, and a RB and we'll be set!

    Thank God we beat Crystal Palace btw. Fellaini and Young saved our asses again, which makes it really difficult for me to say that they might not even be in the first team next season. Tough win away from us a chance for at least 3rd if we beat Arsenal!

    Season 1 of Dexter was fantastic but I'd say Season 4 was/is my favorite. The cat/mouse game with Dexter and the Trinity killer was exhilarating to say the least. Hm, I've been off the K-drama grind for a long time, so it's hard for me to say...although if you're into Korean movies, you MUST watch Memories of Murder! It hits all the elements of the drama you're looking for. I also haven't seen these, but I heard The Devil (마왕) was pretty good ( and ( was based on some real unsolved murders

    Sansa's too pale. I think that's what annoys me about her lol

    haha I'll let you know if I like Vikings...I guess I'll give it another try!

  • K L posted 22 days ago

    K L

    Arsenal lost to Swansea. 2 points behind them but they have a game in hand. Still looking like we'll finish 4th, although I'd love a 3rd place finish.

  • K L posted 22 days ago

    K L

    I think your analysis is spot on. As a team it was pretty poor, but a few individual performances were quite good.

    Shaw probably has a concussion now, which absolutely sucks because this lad can't seem to stay fit for more than like 3 days at a time. Rooney was ok this match. The fact he had a dead leg at half time was a bit weird to say the least. Mata looked better though, drifting around, trying to open up space.

    But as it has been all season, De Gea absolutely saved our asses this match. That save on Murray with his right hand was ridiculous, as was the save later on in the match. This man is world class, and if we can tie him down long term, it will honestly be like a new signing.

    I think the sale of Rooney has to happen sooner or later. He's getting up there in age now and there's no chance he can feature as a regular starter 2 years later, or even next season if we sign a prolific striker.

    Depay scored a nice free kick today if you saw it. Excited to see what this guy can do in the PL.

    4th is all but secured now; no chance we lose our goal difference of 14 in 2 games. Arsenal will probably beat us, we're not good enough right now to beat them. A draw would be a good result at this point I'd say.

  • K L posted 25 days ago

    K L

    Fully agreed on all accounts regarding Pep and Bayern. Footballing suicide is what the pundits on Sky Sports called his high line yesterday.

    I didn't think Bayern played that badly though yesterday. They were beaten by Messi and that was it. Yeah they were hella lucky to get out of the first 20min at 0-0, but after that it was fairly even although Bayern had basically no chances to score, Lewandowski's miss aside. I think Pep got a bit too over-eager after going down 2-0, that it was almost Arsenal like when they played Monaco. That 3rd goal basically sealed the tie in my opinion. 2-0 is recoverable, 3-0 most likely not unless Ribery and Robben are both back by next week which isn't possible I don't think.

    Regarding Rooney, do you think that sometimes he plays purely because he's the captain? I honestly get that feeling sometimes, and there are games where he adds absolutely nothing to the team. As a ST he may have one good season left in him, but honestly, my opinion is that him being sold is LONG overdue. I'd have sold him two seasons ago for a good 40m or thereabouts. He can't play in CM, his touch and passing isn't good enough for it. We all know he won't be sold this summer, but I honestly think he should be along with RvP and Falcao. They're just not going to cut it if we want to win trophies.

    In an ideal world that's what would happen, and we would sign at least one striker, probably 2. Wilson out on loan, Chicharito as 3rd backup or something. If not, keep Wilson and have him be the third striker.

    Let's hope the rest of our deals are done early this time around. Before pre-season would be best so Van Gaal can blood them in to whatever his "philosophy" is.

    Caveat being: MUST GET TOP 4. Must win match against Palace on Saturday I'd say. Hoping Chelsea do us a favor too.

  • K L posted 26 days ago

    K L

    What's your reaction to Barca v Bayern?

    Pep should be sacked honestly. 3 at the back, man marking all of Barca is absolutely insane. I couldn't believe what I was watching. It was ridiculous.

    Bayern under Heynckes were devastating and absolutely scary to play against, Pep has come in and turned that "gung-ho" pummel you till you can't get up approach and destroyed it completely.

    Stylistically I never though Guardiola was the right fit for Bayern and it's showing big time. Pep belongs in Spain where there's more passing and it's more "tiki taka" like. In the PL, Arsenal would be the only fit IMO. Keep this man out of United.

  • K L posted 26 days ago

    K L

    And there's Depay done.

    Looks like our business is well underway now. I am just praying we sign Lacazette before another PL club does. This man has everything needed to absolutely tear up the league. Pace, strength, finishing, heading ability. Cannot lose out on a striker like that when we have no one to give us 20+ goals a season.

  • Trey Tak posted 26 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Sorry it's been so long man, I saw your comment a while ago but I've been sick with various throat problems. I'm fine now though. Anyway, can you believe it? We got DEPAY! It was obvious he was coming given the Dutch connection at United, but for some reason L'Pool fans were so certain he was going to them...glad we're getting our transfer business out of the way early!

    Like I said, I've been really ill the past week or so, but I still managed to watch the games. 3 consecutive losses at the most crucial time of the seems like we already thought top 4 was in the bag. Idiotic. Now Liverpool has every chance to squeak past us, given that CFC have already won the league and have nothing really to play for this week...please CFC, destroy them this weekend!

    At this rate, I can't see us maintaining this style of football next season. Teams are starting to figure us out already, which was my main reason for concern. Stifle Fellaini/Rooney/Young, and defend narrow. That's what Everton, Chelsea, West Brom have basically done the last few games. Next year, I think we're going to go for an attacking 4-3-3 although I'd like us to build from the back and play off the counter with Depay and ADM* on the wings. I could care less about possession. btw it's startling how much we rely on Carrick as well. We're seeing what Carrick really means to this squad. We win 70+% of the games with Carrick, and lose almost about 70% without him...

    *if ADM wants to stay with us. If not, I say we offer him back to RM for Bale lol. Immense pace and scoring ability on the wings if that exchange happens.

    I also thought Clevs would be interesting to keep track of given LVG's track record with "mediocre" players like Young and Fellaini, but alas it doesn't seem like he will be given that chance.

    If Guendogan comes, do you think he can fill that role next to Ander ala Carrick? I'm a little scared off by his injuries.

    It seems like Geis is headed to Dortmund with Tuchel there, he absolutely blossomed with Tuchel at Mainz and Tuchel's tactics were centered around Geis's long ball ability. He averages more than 8 a game this season, which is more than some GKs in Europe lol. Maybe if he moves to Dortmund, people will finally start to appreciate him more.

    Yeah, the reason why I think MLS has the best chance is primarily because of the money and exposure. America is known for the best professional leagues in basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc., so it only makes sense that soccer makes the transition too. We both agree that homegrown players are the key though. America obviously are no Argentina, Germany, Spain, etc. but are considerably better than China in terms of producing talent. Also, success is going to be crucial. The USA and SK considerably improved after their runs to the QFs in the 2002 World Cup...

    Oh yes, Korea and Japan produce just as well as the top 20-30 countries nowadays IMO. Tons of Japanese and Korean kids being scouted away to Europe. I haven't heard of many Americans, other than a few kids at Arsenal and the Bundesliga. Oh man, that Middle Eastern idea would really be immense for their football growth but it might be too difficult given the political ramifications in that region.

    btw speaking of developing talent, the Korea U18s recently had a tournament featuring the Barca youngsters Lee Seung Woo and Baek Seung Ho...we beat Uruguay, tied Belgium, and lost to France 1-0, which is pretty good as results go. But it totally pissed me off because nobody was looking LSW's way to pass and the coach kept subbing him and BSH off after 45. His excuse was that Korea will grow as a footballing nation if we give playing time to as many youth players as possible. But not if your game plan doesn't revolve around our best player and you keep subbing him off for crap players! lol maybe I'm just expecting too much from LSW. #rantover

    If players of African heritage had stayed in Africa...those countries would likely be world class. The French team alone would be decimated lol. Evra, Zidane, Vieira, Desailly, Makelele...

    I would love seeing skills and tricks from players who are usually restricted in games lol. Seeing CR7 and Messi play together alone would be fun to watch. Maybe not tactically, but the sheer idea of those two passing the ball to each other is hilarious given how much Messi/CR7 fans loathe each other. I'm a sucker for all star games TBH. Gives fans a new perspective on their favorite players. I'd even gladly watch a crossbar challenge or skills challenge just for a change of pace. Jihoon Nam and I have talked about this possibility before lol. I even actually like watching charity games. I dunno, maybe I just love watching anything football related :D

    Germany is set for generations. I envy you guys for the system you have in place. The Bundesliga is perfect for Germans to develop in. Not as many foreign players to clog playing time like the EPL and La Liga, and the media isn't as ridiculous as the British. It's perfect lol.

    Thankfully we got the goal scoring winger in Depay. Now we need more height, power, and defensive reliability in our squad like Matic for CFC. I wonder why we aren't making a hard push for Schneiderlin like Arsenal apparently are...

    I'm waiting so hard that I'm watching reruns of Dexter to keep me entertained. I love that show.

    ugh really? I can't stand Sansa. Hopefully her character develops but I haven't seen truly amazing acting ability and her character is such a ditz.

    I actually tried the first 20 minutes of Vikings but I got a little bored tbh. Maybe I'll give it another shot. If it's up there with TWD and's bound to be great.

    I just remembered your love for Ramsay...and I am still staring at this computer screen wondering what kind of person likes sadistic Sausage boy Ramsay. lol.