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  • K L posted 903 days ago

    K L

    I wrote the following on an article, thoughts?

    If United don't do the following we're not going to challenge for anything this year in my opinion:
    1. Sign a world class or "almost" world class center back.

    2. Sign a world class goal scorer. I'm sorry, trying to bank on Rooney scoring 20+ goals is ludicrous. He's done that TWICE in his entire United career. To expect him to be able to do so while getting slower, having a poor first touch and at age 30 is just unrealistic. This SHOULD be his last season as a regular starter.

    3. Adequately replace De Gea because we all know he's off to Madrid. Oblak, Leno, Lloris are the only 3 keepers we should consider. Cillessen isn't good enough and Van Gaal would be crazy to start either Valdes or Romero this season.

    4. Adequately replace Di Maria. Di Maria wasn't a vital cog in our team last year, but there is no doubt he's world class. Pedro would be a good signing, but he's not going to "replace" Di Maria. There aren't many players that can play on the wings, be creative, run at and by players with pace, and finish. There certainly aren't any that are readily "available" so Woodward is going to have to work his butt off to pull something off.

    5. Play a 4-3-3 with Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, and Herrera in midfield. Depay on LW, a new signing on the right with that world class striker starting (pipe dream because Rooney isn't getting dropped even though he honestly shouldn't be starting imo).

    There is still a ton of work to be done to this squad. It's absolutely shocking that LvG thinks it's ok to start Blind at LCB against Tottenham. Has he completely lost his mind? There aren't any WC centerbacks available, so fork out the money and sign the next best thing: Otamendi. Hell I'd like to see Laporte from Bilbao signed as well because God knows both of them are better than ANY CB's we have in our squad period. Otamendi provides the grit and "all-action" type centerback that Vidic was, and Laporte the classy ball playing CB like Ferdinand (I'm not comparing either of the two to Vidic and Rio).

    Over to you Van Gaal and Woodward. Whether or not this summer is a disaster or a success is down to this next month.

  • K L posted 907 days ago

    K L

    Been waiting till after the Barca match to reply.

    Fully agreed on Depay. He ought to start at LW, although I'm not sure if LvG wants to drop Young even after his harsh comments (LvG said Young had a great season but he's not Neymar). It will be hard to fit everyone into a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 however LvG sets the team up.

    ADM seems to be leaving. I'm pissed about that because he has the quality to start in any team in the world but seems to be giving up at United after one season. If he can't even commit to a team that will only get better than good riddance. We don't need a player that can't commit.

    I do believe Pedro would be a great signing. Saw him play against us and he's exactly what we need. I don't think he's a replacement for Di Maria, we'll hopefully sign another big name to replace him. Pedro offers us what Mata and the rest of our RW's can't; pace, two feet, a heck of a passer (Mata is as well), and he can finish inside the box better than any of our wingers can. For the rumoured 23m he would be a steal. He's not very old either at 27.

    Ditto on Otamendi. I saw him play at the Copa live (internet) a few times. Was very very solid. No flash, pure substance. Honestly he was the entire Argentine defense because we both know how bad Demichellis is (LOL). Ramos doesn't seem to be coming, Spanish papers have him signing a new contract (figured as much). Hopefully this means De Gea staying, and maybe him signing another contract. He saved us yet again with Barca.

    Do you think we'll replace ADM with another star signing? What did you think of our performances so far? I think they've been good; we were lucky against Barca, but the performance was good. I'm not sure if LvG wants to play a 4-3-3 anymore as I would've thought he'd field that type of line-up against Barca. Was surprised to see Herrera not start, but we should know more after PSG.

  • Trey Tak posted 911 days ago

    Trey Tak

    haha have you seen some of those memes with Woodward? Definitely has been a beast so far. Also was apparently a “gentleman” with RVP’s deal to Turkey. I interpret it like this: “We are Manchester United, the best damn club in the world, and I am Ed "Moneybags" Woodward, so I will accept an early bid for RVP."

    Bayern will be in good shape if they buy Vidal. Astute business for someone who has plenty of experience in the Bundesliga. I wouldn't be surprised if that's part of the reason Basti left Bayern.

    Well, Korea are big rivals with other Asian countries, particularly China and Japan being our two biggest in a lot of sports. It's a combination of bad blood (historically), the geographic location (we are caught between China and Japan), and the fact that China, Japan, and South Korea basically rule Asia in terms of sports. I'm really proud of South Korea for having improved so much athletically in such a short time. We used to be among the poorest countries in the world only 50-60 years ago, but now being one of the economic powers in Asia, we've also become powerhouses in sports. Japan is definitely our biggest rival though, especially in football. We've typically destroyed China in football lol.

    Sam Johnstone was great in the two games so far; only thing I can see is that his distribution is definitely lacking compared to De Gea. I remember when De Gea's long ball precision led to some goals on the counter, while Johnstone put us under pressure a few times. I'm nitpicking though. If I were a coach, I would either be the best or worst coach to play for because I am such a perfectionist lol.

    Yeah, you said exactly what I meant about having a lot of options at CB atm. Evans, Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Carrick, Blind, McNair. I would be surprised to see Blind play games in midfield now that we have so many midfielders, so that only leaves him a possible spot at LB or CB. Mcnair is also likely pushed to CB with Darmian and Valencia at RB...those are a lot of players for 2 positions at CB. If we get in someone like Ramos/Otamendi, I would be surprised if LVG doesn't sell at least 1 of those remaining (likely Evans). I could even see McNair go on loan in that case.

    Memphis, Darmian, Schneiderlin: prototypical United buys. Hard working players in their 20s with the potential to become world class. United make stars :D

    Basti is a bit like Van Der Sar's transfer. Came to United late in their careers. Hopefully Basti's stay here is just as fruitful as Van Der Sar's!

    With all the hullabaloo about Ramos/Otamendi, I totally forgot about Howedes lol. Laporte is definitely not ready to be a leader in our defense, which is what we need most, but I'm going to be keeping an eye on him in the future. Reminds me of prime Rio sometimes. Oh, to Simon Kjaer's credit though, he just moved to Fenerbache over Liverpool because he "wants to win trophies”. I like him now.

    Man, you are lucky to have family who are such die hard football fans. My family is the antithesis of yours lol. Dad was a damn good striker back in the day but doesn't really follow a team. Koreans are hugely nationalistic so they would root for any team with a Korean. "I might as well just watch Dortmund now because this isn't Bayern". That must have been so hard for your mom to say as a diehard Bayern fan.

    It's the board's own fault for hiring Pep and thinking he would adopt their style. Pep is the type of manager who sticks to his principles no matter the pressure from above. How many Spaniards has he brought in since his appointment? Thiago, Alonso, Reina, and Bernat? I think Martinez came the year before.

    Anyway, for Germany's sake, it would probably be best if Pep left Bayern so I could understand your dilemma. To Pep's credit though, he has brought in some promising, young Germans. Goetze, Rode, Kurt, and Kimmich. I'm not a huge fan of his in any case. I really like Roger Schmidt though. The guy is innovative and crazy at times. Losing the ball on purpose in certain positions to gain an advantage rofl...

    Darmian, Memphis, and Schmidfield have impressed me so far in the two games. Schneiderlin did get beat but that wasn't supposed to be his marker anyway. Should've been Young's or Shaw's. Speaking of Shaw though, he showed why people are hyping him up so much. Electric overlapping today; could've had at least 2 assists on a better day. I don't know what LVG saw from Basti that disappointed him so much because I thought he did a decent job. I actually live in Korea, so the games have been at around noon lol.

    What formation do you think we should play? I'm thinking a 4-3-3.
    Darmian CB CB Shaw
    Ander (RCM) Basti (LCM)
    Mata (RW) Rooney (CF) Memphis (LW)

    Me too. I always just watch the clips on YouTube. Have you seen the one when Conan visits a Taco Bell? "It's the O'Taco.....from Taco Bell!" Literally. Cried. For. Days.

    Next season, I guarantee Torture nun is the one getting tortured by Cersei. She ded.

    HAHAHA I just burst out laughing at "Mathis, GET DOWN!" Genius. All Men Must Hype.

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind if Pope got some justice (peace, Hal) because he is right to be much of a detour would saving Sara really have taken? It obviously only took Pope a few seconds to clear out the "cement fog" with the flamethrower. I can see why Tom made the tougher decision though...btw is Anthony going bad really believable? they take away his gun and he gets mixed in with Pope's schemes? I don't get some of the writing here lol. Still entertaining though.

    I am stoked for both of those! Suicide Squad especially. Will Smith as Deadshot? Hell yes. I wonder who Deathstroke will be...

  • Jihoon Nam posted 913 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Yeah I'm really excited aabout Schneiderllin but I'm also kind of worried abotu Herrera . I though this could be his season to prove everyone how much of a class player he can be but... We have like 100 midfielders now lol.

    Carrick too, looks like his role is getting less and less, but hey, it is really exciting to see how we're gonna do this season. I havent gotten this excited in a long time. And i also cant believe that Schweinsteiger actually came lol.

    You think we need another striker or nah?

  • Jihoon Nam posted 920 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    holy crap i cant believe we actually got schweinsteiger lmao

    but as a bayern fan too how do u feel about schweiny going from one to the other?

  • Nemanja Vidic posted 920 days ago

    Nemanja Vidic

    Hey its been a long time.

    You must be gutted about schweinsteger leaving Bayern,
    Excellent signing for united though. You must know a lot about him, is he more of a defensive midfielder or a box to box midfielder?
    Woodward has done well so far in the window. Do you think LVG will now start to use Carrick in the centre of the defense more often now we have signed our new Schmidfield?
    Thoughts on Darmian and Depay?
    Who else should we sign and sell?

  • Trey Tak posted 921 days ago

    Trey Tak

    OMG. Ed Woodward, take a bow you glorious bast@rd. I was just beginning to feel worried we would only have Depay for pre-season, and then the past few days happened. Wow.

    I feel your pain. I felt the same way when Park, Evra, Vidic, Scholes, etc. said they were leaving or retiring. It seems like Schweini was already leaning towards leaving, judging by teammate reaction and he is even known as a United fan (Cantona being one of his heroes). "I regret it. We tried to convince him to stay with Bayern, but I can also understand a player seeking to gain new experience at the end of his career." On the discussion he had with Schweinsteiger over his future, he said: "It was a very serious and thorough conversation -- we were very honest to each other. "He told me he had thought about it during his vacation. He wants do to something new towards the end of his career." words from Rummenigge. Who really knows other than Schweini himself? Maybe Guardiola being at Bayern did influence his decision in the end.

    Hm, I'd have to agree/disagree with you about Americans and football. In terms of the men's national team, yes, I'd say a lot of Americans don't even care about the sport. There's the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, the NHL....But when it comes to the women's sport, I'd say the fans here appreciate it as much as any other footballing country. It's sad to say that a country's success in a sport directly correlates to fan quality, but it does. Women's soccer is probably the most popular women's sport in America and has produced world class players like Mia Hamm, Wambach, etc. Still, I understand where you're coming from; although I root for the USMNT in international competition, part of me hopes they don't win because I know how arrogant some people can be here (I can already hear some people: "It's only our 7th most popular sport and we still won the World Cup!")

    Rapinoe is awesome. Her style of play really stood out to me when I first watched the USWNT. She's very technical and classy on the ball but is also very team-orientated, which is the perfect player in my book.

    haha, I couldn't care less about the Japanese teams tbh. If you asked me who I would be rooting for in the USA vs Japan match, I would say the USA every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I just can't stand losing to other Asian sides. I still can't believe we lost the Asian a non Asian team...

    De Gea might be starting to realize he will miss out on building something great here at United. We already signed Darmian, Schweinsteiger, Memphis, and Schneiderlin! Come on, son! Sign that contract.

    Van der Sar is the marketing director at Ajax, isn't he? Maybe we can work something out lol. Oblak could be a long term target down the road considering his pedigree and club; Atletico produce and nurture some quality young keepers (obviously).

    Is it crazy to suggest that I wouldn't mind starting the season with Jones and Smalling? Those two have usually played really well together and need a run of games to build on their chemistry. I could see Smalling eventually develop into the calmer type, judging by his calmness on the ball as the season went on. Jones needs to stay at CB and develop there; I think the frequent positional changes from RB to DM to CB really damaged his development. I still rate Jones because the guy plays with passion. I wouldn't even call him hot headed; he makes rash tackles from time to time but he usually doesn't get angry. Anyway, I would love to see those two grow up to become world class CBs. I'm not entirely comfortable with all this buying because I don't want us to lose our identity as a club who gives youngsters chances. I know we can't place our entire season on hoping Jones and Smalling make a great pairing though...

    So, I agree with you on that we need the calmer type of CB in our squad. I'd say there's a few defenders that can fill this role, but they likely won't be available this window.
    Aymeric Laporte is the younger version of Badstuber. Left footed and has one of the best long balls at CB, just like Badstuber. He just signed a long term contract with Bilbao though. I'd also say Simon Kjaer but the guy is a Liverpool fan, so something must be wrong with him.

    Park Ji Sung, Evra, Mata, Young, Ander, etc. make my shortlist of nice footballers. I'd maybe even put Thierry Henry on there because he came on a Korean show once and was hilarious lol.

    "If Schweinsteiger leaves Bayern I'm really considering boycotting any Bayern matches until Guardiola is gone." So are you really considering this possibility now?

    I honestly barely watch any of Serie A, so I probably know Darmian in real life as much as you do. I only know him from my Football Manager games, and he's been world class there (had like 12 assists in the league playing at RB in a 4-2-3-1)...although I heard he tore up Clyne in a friendly when he was at LB so there's that.

    I have to admit you're right. Pretty dumb reason not to watch a show lol.

    It's funny you mention the fire witch being nekkid because she touches upon that issue on Conan (I love Conan btw):

    You just know Cersei is going to get them back somehow, starting with that torture nun (I started giving the GoT characters nicknames because I can't remember their names).

    About Arya: I'd say it was just how they punish people who kill for their personal gain, rather than for the Many Faced God. I'm sure Arya's sight will return next season...but to me it raises an interesting issue. Arya only entered the House of Black and White so that she can learn skills to kill her enemies on her list, but now she knows she will be restricted to killing only those who the God wants dead. If there's a flaw in GoT, it's that they haven't really explained this religion very well (dunno if Martin does in the books either). How does the God pick his victims and how do they know whom to kill? I've always been a huge Arya fan so I'm looking forward to her development next season. Also, the whole Jon Snow debacle. BRING HIM BACK.

    The Clegane Bowl video almost made me pi$$ my pants LOL. I never thought I'd hear a Waka Flocka Flame track in a GoT video...

    Yup, I've heard all 3 of those theories. I feel like the first one is the most likely after Melisandre raising him now that Stannis is dead. This made me sad though:

    Already caught up in Falling Skies. I'm almost a little sick of this love triangle thing, but I guess the writers do need a little extra material to work with. Dude, a new spaceship show not named Star Trek or Stargate? I'm down with that lol. I still can't believe Firefly got cancelled D:

  • K L posted 921 days ago

    K L

    JEEZUS, you're right, Ed is not messing about. It's been a great weekend for us haha.

    I don't think Memphis should play as a CF. He's best on the wing cutting in, running at (and most likely past) players to create chances. IMO he should be starting at LW. He's got too much upside and talent to only get the occasional game. I'm thinking it'll be the later, that he'll fill in at CF if he has to. I know you're a fan of Young (and he did brilliantly last year), but what do you think?

    Yeah I usually don't bother with rumors from those ridiculous sites. The Guardian has been pretty good this summer though. Sky is losing a bit of credibility for me now though. Claimed Gundogan is done, then said some stuff about Ramos etc etc. They need to get on their game lol.

    All that said, I still do think we need another striker. Lacazette supposedly only wants to move to a CL club, which I'm pretty sure we can offer. But would he accept not starting all the time? Not sure about that. A CB is still needed. Looking more and more like Otamendi to be honest. Have you seen much of him? I saw him at the Copa for a few matches, he was terrific.

  • Trey Tak posted 923 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Man, we finally have a German coming to United! Schweinsteiger! Hope we still get Schneiderlin though lol. I'll get back to you (faster than the last reply lol) on the other comment!

  • K L posted 923 days ago

    K L

    Holy, Schweinsteiger confirmed. Have to think Schneiderlin is next. Just imagine the commentators trying to bounce between those names haha.