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  • Trey Tak posted 21 hours ago

    Trey Tak

    Klopp to Milan/Napoli for a few years, then us (or Arsenal) after LVG (or Wenger) retires. He could try to revive Milan or take Napoli to the next level after Rafa Benitez leaves. I really hope he doesn't go to City...

    I can see him at a Serie A side primarily to get his mojo back, rather than a higher pressure side like City or PSG who are always trigger happy. Who knows? Maybe even Barca...Luis Enrique is having internal issues despite his good season.

  • Trey Tak posted 21 hours ago

    Trey Tak

    damn it, just when we were really gelling as a unit! I knew Blind and Carrick were already out but I had no idea Jones and Rojo picked up knocks as well...McNair will likely step right in. I have a feeling it will be the first formation you listed, with Shaw coming back in. Falcao might start ahead of Wilson though. Let's hope for the best!

    Guess I'll comment on the rest ahead of the game :D

    Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I was one of the doubters. Wasn't exactly spewing hate for Young, but I thought he would never make it at United. Glad he's ended up proving me wrong. I've always liked Welbeck, but he would've never gotten any playing time this season. If LVG can turn Fellaini and Young's careers around, Clevs is probably salivating at the chance to work with him. I doubt he'd be around long enough though. His contract ends in a few months, doesn't it?

    I wouldn't mind if Di Maria is sold this summer either. Call me crazy, but I actually think we'd be better off in the long term. First of all, we can recoup his transfer fees (PSG) if we sell him this summer. He'd still be known as the EPL's 2nd leading assist man in his prime, and his worth will likely decrease after next year. Second, he's physically weak and can get bullied on the wing, which is why he's most effective running at people from deep at LCM/LM. And I absolutely hate adding another physical weak midfielder to our midfield. I prefer my CMs to be at least somewhat proficient at defending...

    Yeah, I need to watch more BMG, and you need to watch more Geis. He has a lot of room to grow but I'm going to keep my eye on him because it's kind of strange nobody in Germany really talks about this kid. He should carve out a pretty good career from just his set pieces alone. Speaking of the Bundesliga though, I just checked out the table and how are Augsburg so high in the table?! They have been terrible every time I've seen them play...getting results though, apparently.

    I would love to see a non European league become one of the best in the world. I think it will take 10-15 years before we see that happen though. The MLS probably has the best chance out of all the non European leagues simply because of media exposure and their improving talent.

    IMO I think the Chinese league will not be elite anytime soon. Why? Even though they have money, they produce legitimately no football talent. I'm sorry, Dong Fangzhou doesn't count. Already washed up at 30 years old, but nice name though. La Liga= Spanish players+ foreigners. EPL= English + foreigners. Bundesliga= Germans+ foreigners. Serie A= Italians + foreigners. I'm guessing you see a trend here. Unless the Chinese clubs all pay astronomical wages to foreigners to be a foreigner dominated league, I don't see it happening. Not with the new EPL tv contract, the Bundesliga's growth and history, the La Liga sponsorships, and so on. I'd like some of our K Leaguers in China, but I'd rather have the better ones in Europe (or even the MLS) at this point.

    Btw speaking of Europe, did you hear about the supposed UEFA all star game? What do you think about that? I would love seeing Ronaldo playing with Messi on the same squad. It's apparently Europe North vs Europe South if the plan goes through.

    Neville does have a point though. I did notice Rooney not making his usual runs, and by doing so he did create space on the wings for Young, Fellaini, Herrera, and Mata to work with. Anyway, Rooney could've definitely done more, but I have to admit, he's been a pretty good captain for United this year. The old Rooney would've gotten frustrated with his lack of touches on the ball. That Rooney would've probably taken an ill advised shot, and United would've instantly been exposed on the counter lol.

    Hope Valencia sticks to defending today because he will have to deal with Hazard on his side. Man, I haven't been so nervous since, oh, last week. It seems like every week is such an important game nowadays. Damn schedule makers messing with us :(

    Hm, so are you saying that the English lack natural talent or that their "philosophy" is lacking compared to other countries? I guess that does make sense since the EPL is such a physical league compared to others. Coaches end up coaching physicality just as much as technical skills to prepare kids for the EPL...and English players usually never play overseas.

    True, the English media are crap. But I think it's mostly to do with how players adapt to their new lifestyle and the people who are around them 24/7. Look at Odegaard at Madrid, he's not English but apparently he already has a diva attitude because of the money...Ravel Morrison probably will never reach his potential because he still hangs out with his bad influences...just a few of many examples.

    Do you remember a while back when I mentioned that we really need height in the team, and that's part of the reason that hashtag Felé is playing a lot? Apparently LVG agrees with me lol. Yes, I am boasting just a little bit :D although I hope we do not buy Cavani...

    I actually love how we build up play with the dual triangles...we even defend with pseudo-triangles if you notice the positioning of our players when the other team has the ball. For instance, if one man has the ball out on the wing against Blind or Valencia, one of our wingers or midfielders swarm toward the ball at an angle to cut off passing lanes while Blind and Valencia play the byline. Defending in twos. Yeah, what's really understated is Felllaini's willingness to move around. His movement combined with his height gives defenders a nightmare to mark, and a great target for our midfielders to hit the long ball to. lol wouldn't put it past LVG if he told Fellani not to cut his afro to be an easier target. Park Ji Sung's said that it is literally impossible to see the ball to head away with Sideshow Felé and his afro in the way. Then again, Park is like 3 feet tall.

    The only glaring weakness I see is probably our defending on set pieces (as I said before with the height) or maybe Blind's pace at LB. He's really shored up that position in the last month but imagine had Navas scored on the long ball last week. Thank God for De Gea. We need to resign him ASAP.

    Z Mouw isn't a bad commenter, but he was just being really unreasonable that day lol. Exactly who have you pissed off by getting suspended so much? haha stay away from the trolls. I should take my own advice...


    I'm praying the rest leaks somehow lol. Otherwise, I kind of regret watching the first 4 episodes so early. I'm looking forward to practically everything. This is what makes Game of Thrones so unique. So many different stories, so many intricate webs. The North, King's Landing, Arya at Braavos, Tyrion with Daenerys.....fascinating to see characters from different arcs to finally meet. And LOL Sansa with Ramsay "Sausage" Bolton!

  • K L posted 1 day ago

    K L

    Carrick, Blind, Rojo, Jones all out for Chelsea. We're so screwed in the back like actually because stupid Evans is still suspended.

  • K L posted 3 days ago

    K L

    Klopp shadowing LvG during LvG's last season? Sounds interesting, but I can't buy it. Both are very strong personalities and Klopp's "philosophy" (this word dear lord), doesn't really match LvG's. I'd love for him to be at United, but if he does come that must surely spell the end of Giggs at the club. Giggs isn't going to stay here just to be an assistant. It's not a bad thing, maybe down the line Giggs will be capable enough to manage the club.

    Klopp also did say he's not looking at a sabbatical, but who knows the powers at United may persuade him otherwise. LvG builds the team, brings some success, then hands it over to Klopp to dominate Europe with for the next decade? Sounds amazing, but I'm skeptical at best haha. I mean in a perfect world Klopp will take Reus, Hummels, and Gundogan with him hahaha.

    I do agree that Klopp would be a manager not for a couple of seasons but one that, with the right fit, can be the next Wenger or SAF in terms of tenure.

  • Trey Tak posted 3 days ago

    Trey Tak

    wow I wrote a lot lol.

  • Trey Tak posted 3 days ago

    Trey Tak


    The first 10-15 minutes was a emotional disaster lol. All our players were a bundle of nerves, which is pretty understandable given the nature of the derby and that we were being hyped up to beat City. Mentally easier to be the underdog.

    Yes, Young was the MoTM. Ran his heart out, scored our first, and provided the assist for the crucial Fellaini header.

    Fellaini was immense. Did you see Ander coast by Fernandinho like it was nothing?! They say he's still sliding....Easily my favorite moment of the game. Well, other than the goals lol.

    Agreed, we see a lot of the same things in games. Rooney needs to get more involved for sure, but Gary Neville had an interesting take on Rooney's performance: 'Rooney holding his position meant the City centre-backs had to remain central, which "kept those pockets open for [Marouane] Fellaini and [Ander] Herrera, meant that [Ashley] Young and [Juan] Mata pulled [Pablo] Zabaleta and [Gael] Clichy wide." '

    I actually didn't see Giggsy's interaction with Valencia, but I'm glad he did too. I excuse Valencia a little bit because he's a natural right winger and this is his first year playing so far back in defense. Valencia's better than people think in terms of maintaining possession of the ball and his link up play with Ander and Mata. If he started out as a RB early in his career, I think he'd actually become one of the best RBs in the world due to his pace and physicality. I mean the guy is averaging the most tackles on our team in his first year at fullback. He's not perfect though.

    De Gea's had a knack for reading through balls this season. I think he's always had that ability, but this season he's had the confidence to go out and sweep up the balls. There was one through ball I thought we were dead on (might've been on a Silva or Yaya pass?), but DDG saved our bacon again. I think his long pass from that actually led to a goal if I'm recalling correctly.

    I actually think English players are pretty damn talented in terms of technique, ability, and directness. To me, England does produce world class potential but they cannot unlock it for 3 reasons. 1. there are too many foreign players limiting their playing time 2. EPL places more importance on sheer physicality (you touched upon this) and/or 3. their attitude sucks.

    It's just that sometimes their mentality hasn't caught up to their talent level. Take a look at these young talented English footballers like Ravel Morrison. These guys have world class potential but lack world class attitude. Ego and attitude are two different things. You can have a big ego and succeed in football, but if you have a bad attitude you won't. CR7 has a big ego but is one of the best footballers because he's one of the hardest workers on and off the field.

    Ok, I can buy that. I'm excited how we have been playing recently as well. Here's a thought though, for fun. What if we are only playing this brand of football because we don't have the world class midfielders to relieve pressure on our defense? You said it yourself, Carrick/Blind are great players but there are better players out there. Don't get me wrong, I would love if this system continues to succeed, but what if teams start to figure it out? If I were an opposing manager, I would instantly put high pressure on Carrick/Blind because they are the players who make that direct ball to Fellaini. It's a system that places too much importance on one player. How do we play if Fellaini gets injured or suspended? Does Mata slide inside with Di Maria on the right wing? That lineup would instantly become too vulnerable to attack. This is why a physical defensive midfielder is a high priority this summer.

    Yeah, lol. I tend to leave comments throughout the's become kind of a hobby while I commute to work. I didn't realize he wasn't a United fan (he's a Dutch fan) until recently myself. I always saw him on our articles so I naturally assumed...

    Those stats about Hummels are pretty troublesome...but I'd say LVG is taking a hard look at him due to what I previously mentioned about our tactics. Hummels is a great ball player from the back. If he goes for Hummels, I'd say that's a sign that we will likely keep the same tactics, playing out from the back.

    Judging by your tactical interests, I think you would love Football Manager. You can personalize your tactics, buy and sell players...etc. Should be on Steam if you're interested.

    Waaay ahead of you son. Already watched the first 4 episodes of GoT :D
    Is it just me or is it kind of slow this season? Meh, still enjoyed them.

  • Trey Tak posted 3 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Hermann's really impressing you, isn't he? Really need to catch some of BMG's games...I also like Xhaka a lot. I think he's averaging something like high 80s% passing. Bayern Munich numbers. Getting better defensively as well. And Geis (you know how much I like the kid). He's pretty underrated for his age, and I don't think I've seen the German media hype him up as much as the Draxlers and Meyers. I watch Mainz practically every week because of their 2 Korean players and I've hardly seen Geis have a really bad game.

    Conversely, I sometimes feel the same way about Korean players leaving the K League for Europe. The domestic league in Korea is still the best in Asia, on par with the J League with the rich Chinese league likely to surpass both in the next 5 years. You know how it is. No money, no growth. I want the K League to grow, but at the same time, it's good to see the best Korean players play against the best in the world.

  • Trey Tak posted 3 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Going to break up my replies into a few separate comments.

    If you told me Young has to start over ADM at the start of the season, I would say that you're crazy. But now, Young is actually starting to grow on me. I see a lot of the same attributes in Young that I saw in Park. Helps out Blind a lot by tracking back and winning the ball back. Really underrated part of's a big difference having your winger there with your fullbacks to cut off passing lanes.

    I feel like Young deserves to start right now no matter the price tag on Di Maria. His crossing into the box has also been consistently dangerous this season. Let's be honest..ADM may be one of the top assist men in the EPL but a lot of those were from mishit long shots or from short passes. I might be overly harsh on Di Maria, but he needs to step it up like Young has. If we get a proper defensive midfielder in the summer, Di Maria will likely get more playing time next season. BALANCE IS KEY

  • K L posted 3 days ago

    K L

    Dear God, Klopp is leaving. Man City's next manager?

  • K L posted 6 days ago

    K L

    By giving Chelsea a run for their money, I meant when we play them. The league is their's barring a monumental collapse. They haven't been in good form recently though. Next week should be another cracking match.

    I would reserve judgement on Di Maria not "fitting" our style. I think the big thing is that he sometimes (a lot of the times maybe?) is too adventurous for Van Gaal and loses possession too frequently. If he can rein his excessive dribbling in and run at defense's while picking out the right pass he could be devastating through the middle or out wide. I do agree he's hasn't done enough to justify starting. I'd keep Di Maria for next season, if it still doesn't work out, sell him. That spot is Young's until he loses it. You're looking like a prophet now for sticking with Young the entire time.

    Depay I feel we'll sign anyway. No sense in losing top talent. He's better than Januzaj in my opinion. His goal scoring record, physique and everything else speaks for itself even though it's in the Dutch league.

    If Carrick is out, what do you reckon we do? Blind to DM is the obvious choice. But the question is who do you play at LB? Rojo? Young at LB with Di Maria as the winger? Shaw at LB? Young is undroppable at this point, so it'll be interesting to see what LvG decides if Carrick is out for the next few matches.

    Interesting point about Nani. If Van Gaal can transform him back into the form he had in 2010 that would be incredible. What about Chicharito? Sell? Backup ST? I still feel RvP, Falcao need to go and we need to buy a pacey striker who can finish but also know how to hold up play. Would still go for Lacazette.

    All that being said, the most important thing for the summer: MAKE SURE DE GEA DOES NOT LEAVE PERIOD.