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  • Mighty Birds Of Prey posted 1864 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey

    To be honest, I don't really know where to start with the guy. I love him. He did outstanding things for the Seattle Seahawks. And he did outstanding things for the NFL.

    Currently on the NFL HOF for running backs there are 5 who have more TDs than him.

    Emmitt Smith 155 tds, 17,418 rushing yards, 4142 attempts
    Walter Payton 110 tds, 16,726 rushing yards, 3838 attempts
    Jim Brown 106 tds, 12,312 rushing yards, 2359 attempts
    Marcus Allen 123 tds, 12,243 rushing yards, 3022 attempts
    John Riggins 104 tds, 11,352 rushing yards, 2916 attempts

    Shaun Alexander 100 tds, 9,453 rushing yards, 2187 attempts

    He is not at the high end of yards for Hall of Famers, but I think the lack of yards is made up for with his number of TDs. And given his attempts compared to the others, I think he deserves a spot in the HOF. The only issue with that is, the year following his record breaking number of TDs, it was beatin by LaDanian Tomlinson.

    It's hard to truly recognize a player for something he did, when almost immediately after he did it someone out performed him.

    As far as people knocking him because of the quality of the offensive line, that's the case with all good running backs. Without any sort of blocking, it doens't matter who you are as a running back, you won't consistantly put up big numbers.

    Look at Beast Mode. In the games where our offensive line struggles, he struggles as well and the numbers he does put up are yards after contact. The Pats game this year, he had a whopping 41 yards. 38 of those were after contact. Same thing with the Phins game. 90% of his yards came after contact. Yes, he is an outstanding, and personally I think the best RB to ever walk the earth, but without any sort of help from the offensive line he wouldn't be noticed.

    Those are my thoughts brother. I hope you enjoy them

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!