Priscilla Romo

Priscilla Romo


I've been a wrestling fan since the age of 4 and my love for it has never faded. I force my boyfriend to watch ppv's with me because i like having someone to cheer and yell with. I've seen these muscular men come and go but Stone Cold Steve Austin is my favorite wrestler of all time. The Rock is in close second...... mostly because he's so damn sexy! Only thing that bugs me is that most people in the IWC hate EVERYTHING and complain about EVERYTHING. Wether fake or real wrestling's all about ENTERTAINMENT so as long as you keep me entertained i shall remain a true and loyal fan. Only thing i hate is "Big" Johnny....... well him and guerrero's damn "EXCUSE ME!!!". Her screech makes my skin crawl -______-

As for my Niners..... ive been a fan since before birth. i had the cheerleading outfit and the Niner bottles before i could even "goo" and "gaa". My dad created "The 49ER Faithful FaN Club" in my hometown in the 90's so most of my childhood during football season was spent in sports bar surrounded by people sporting red and gold. And now that im old enough instead of sitting at the table with my coloring book im right along side the rest of the crazies screaming my head off at the tv. I've been to 3 pro football games but they've all been away games. My goal in life is to go to Candlestick Park before they close it down and open the new stadium. Im 49ER faithful for life. Always have been. ALWAYS WILL BE!!

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