I've switched my username and profile picture on B/R so many times, now I'm just going to stick with what I got now. My favorite sports are football, basketball, and baseball (WWE is cool too,but I'm losing interest relatively quick).

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  • Real Talk posted 1667 days ago

    Real Talk

    I was there for when they did Völkerball in France back in '05. Really the most amazing thing you could see. Aside from that, I've been to couple of smaller concerts around Berlin. Now, unfortunately, their shows aren't as good as they used to be, with Till getting older. 30+ years of singing Industrial does some damage to your voice. Still, with the pyrotechnics and the power of the music, there'll never be anything like a Rammstein concert

  • Real Talk posted 1668 days ago

    Real Talk

    Führe Mich, most likely is my favorite song. For album, it's a tossup between Herzeleid and Sehnsucht. I don't know why, but their older stuff just seems so much more powerful.

  • Real Talk posted 1669 days ago

    Real Talk

    Yes, at the moment. I've visited here a few times but I moved in December of last year

  • Real Talk posted 1671 days ago

    Real Talk

    Swiss born, but I was raised mostly in Berlin and Dortmund.

  • Real Talk posted 1672 days ago

    Real Talk

    Ja, Rammstein.

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  • HEEL 3.0 posted 1751 days ago

    HEEL 3.0

    dude you never freakin come on here or i would have added you a long time ago.