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now here is my lengthy biography my name is really Mr. Pete Swayze Asplundh and I am the youngest the wild child the fore child and the sexiest man alive and youngest member of my family whom was born with down syndrome I have two sisters and one brother and I have a family history of relatives that I am related to through marriage i also have various a long list of interests that I have in common with Patrick Swayze I actually had met Patrick Swayze and his wife in Philadelphia for a event down there in Philadelphia and they called it Philly fest and that's is when I had first met him twice at the wine and cheese reception and then for the second time I met them again in a movie theater that showed his home movies of himself as a little baby it is almost like looking in a two-way mirror and when I said looking in a two-way mirror a two-way mirror as in a two-way mirror of him and me as little babies growing up and becoming dancers that is what I see in that two-way mirror of comparing myself with him as for the babies becoming teenagers into adult hood of trying become famous and currently right now I made a promise to Patrick Swayze that I'm going to continue to follow in his legacy and his career of being a dancer and actor just like him so there is my long lengthy biography of myself so there you have it so thank you and good evening

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