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  • Sudhir Ramakrishnan posted 1935 days ago

    Sudhir Ramakrishnan

    i'm not sure of twitter... but i guess i'll have to it a go sometime... thanks for the advice..


    P.S. i came out a with a new post on my blog..

    (shamelessly plugging one's work - there's just no class, is there?!)

  • Sudhir Ramakrishnan posted 1936 days ago

    Sudhir Ramakrishnan

    Hear hear Colan - lets get one thing straight - your previous articles do not matter. i commented upon the Utd-Fellaini article on it's own merit (which led to the man utd supporter gaffe). There were no "digs" in the first post - i straight up pointed to Everton's performances because you overlooked them.

    again, Good luck with the Rangers - take it at face value - no need to flash a sarcasm sign on it.

    And thank you for the blog view, i just started it, getting regular hits is quite the uphill task. Your appreciation helps me march forth to the next post!


  • Muzik posted 1939 days ago


    With the level of talent Michigan has gotten to commit at OL, dont you think that should be enough for any RB to want to commit? I mean Green would fit Brady Hokes offense perfectly.

  • Samuel Benson posted 1944 days ago

    Samuel Benson

    I just read our article about Brad Sorensen...great job. I know Brad personally and have attended SUU games, and know that the T-Birds are in for a great season. Ed Lamb has them going in the right direction, and I can see a deep run in the playoffs this year. Once again, good job, keep it up.

  • Trent Caelson posted 1960 days ago

    Trent Caelson

    Good Job.

  • Amal Abbass posted 2003 days ago

    Amal Abbass

    My pleasure. Thanks to you as well!

  • Jared Newman posted 2037 days ago

    Jared Newman

    Of course! We have a year to wait, but we'll see who the 49ers end up taking next year. They'll be fun to watch this season-what a dominant defense.

  • Keith Mathews posted 2046 days ago

    Keith Mathews

    On Justin Smith:
    One of the weaknesses of the Bleacher Report poll function is that it will now allow a selection of more than one item before a vote.
    Maybe if we both complain to the muchety-mucks about it, they will offer an option for more than this single poll design. One with checkmarks instead of radio buttons would do it for selections of two players in one poll vote.

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2047 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Hey Colan, thanks for becoming a fan! Also, really enjoyed your piece on Justin Smith. Keep it up!