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  • David Fidler posted 1968 days ago

    David Fidler

    Iowa would be substantially improved with Redd or Hill; the latter especially, but kind of like verbals before they officially sign or even after they officially sign, but haven't gotten to campus, I don't worry about those things. The players that are on campus are the ones that matter. That said, if I'm Redd or Hill, I stay put, ride out the year, and then Hill will graduate and Redd can declare himself eligible. The more likely players to transfer are sophomores and freshmen.

  • David Fidler posted 2044 days ago

    David Fidler

    1) A lot of these hot shot recruits--esp. the ones that get an offer from a place like USC, Bama or Florida--have had their rear ends kissed their entire lives. Consequently, they don't fully understand how much the competition for playing time is going to be amped up once they step on campus. So many high school athletes that step onto college gridirons genuinely believe they will be the next Barry Sanders, and they will just have to keep doing what they've been doing in order to achieve it. Consequently, many of them don't fear the competition at a place like Bama or USC. Nobody is better than them, because nobody has been better than them their entire lives. For that reason, many young athletes get quite the shock when they reach the collegiate level. That's why the 1st year is always the toughest. Have to get used to a lot of changes.
    2) Iowa has a disadvantage when going against almost every FBS school in the country, because the state of Iowa just doesn't produce prospects the way Ohio, Florida, Georgia, etc. do. I wrote an article about it-- -- Most athletes want to stay close to home. That puts a place like FSU at a great advantage no matter how lousy it might or might not do at putting players in the NFL.
    3) Are kids and advisers getting the message that Iowa is one of the best places to go if you want to reach the NFL? No, they're not getting that message. Most of them are getting the messages they hear on ESPN, and that usually concerns Bama, USC, Florida, etc. College coaches form relationships with high school coaches, and then they will use their program's success as a selling tool. I'm hoping the addition of Greg Davis to the staff will open some doors and ears in Texas.
    4) I have no qualms with the level of players Ferentz is bringing in. He gets the guys that fit his program. The issue has been keeping them on campus.