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avid sports fan...I love American Football, Soccer, Basketball. I consider myself a "weekend warrior." I'm a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, say what you will but in the good and bad times i stick with them. I'm also a huge Manchester United fan. I started liking them in he mid 90's, and David Beckham quickly became my favorite player. The guy is just cool and well, after he stopped to sign one of my shirts after a game his team lost and did it with a smile and coolness, the guy can do no wrong. I love sports and hope to coach someday. I wish i was born w/ the talent to play professionally, but like they say, those who can play, those who can't coach....i'll find out soon enough.

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  • Dominica Broom posted 2268 days ago

    Dominica Broom

    But you're a soccer fan; you must like LA and MLS... unless you're a "football fan." Then you hate it. LOL.

    True. I just really wanted to see him play, but I got to see Ronaldinho so I guess I'm okay with that...

    Born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas.


  • Dominica Broom posted 2269 days ago

    Dominica Broom

    Ah a fellow loather of MLS eh? haha

    True. I'm not really surprised. I'd pick Milan over LA too. I just feel kind of bad for the LA fans who had such high hopes.

    I was watching a Milan game the other day. Finally after tons of wondering, they showed Kaka sitting on the sidelines. I was wondering why I couldn't find him on the pitch. haha


  • Dominica Broom posted 2270 days ago

    Dominica Broom

    Hey no problem. I love engaging in football talk.


  • Carlyluvsunited posted 2297 days ago


    Hello, how are you?

    Yes I do have a few spats, lol, I am just a bit passionate about United that's all. I get some Citeh fans winding me up so I let them 'ave it too, he he he.

    Nice to meet you. Add me as a fan, I'll add you now okie dokie x