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Hey, I'm 21 year old Man. United fan and I'm also a fan of MMA and wrestling. I wrote for this site earlier in the year but for some reason my account literally became disabled, I couldn't write articles any more, couldn't post comments and all of my comments got deleted of my articles. I will get around to writing again but now isn't the time.

If any body is passing through and wants to check it out, this is my original profile.


Oh I get it now, my comments get deleted when I cuss in comments. I forgot there are a load of little children running this site. Come on guys, there is a time and place for cussing and that was the time and place to respond to some douchebag. The average age of people who write for your website isn't nine at all.

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  • Levi Nile posted 2082 days ago

    Levi Nile

    Cian, thank you so very much for taking the time to pick my piece as a favorite. It honestly makes a writers day when the fans give him/her approval, because without the fans, it's all just posing in a mirror.

    Thank you, sir!