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Nick Daniele

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Going on 24 years old. I grew up in Norwalk, CT where I finished out grade school. Attended Framingham State University where I majored in English and Secondary Education and currently hold a Bachelor's degree in that field. Yankees are my number one team, always have been always will be - although you would wonder judging by how often I am cursing at my television screen. The furthest West I've been is Colorado (beautiful). In my quest to visit all MLB ballparks I've been to the old Yankee Stadium and the new, Shea Stadium and Citi Field, Fenway, Camden Yards, and Citizens Bank. I love to read. As of right now the Song of Ice and Fire series (probably best known as 'Game of Thrones') are my favorite books. I enjoy multiple television series, primarily Spartacus (Starz) and Game of Thrones (HBO). I have completed three manuscripts for novels (as of now none have been published). Writing is a deep passion of mine. My first Yankee game was Opening Day, 1999, and I was 10 years old.

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