My baseball playing days didn't go beyond high school and babe ruth. My coaching days didn't go beyond junior baseball. I played tennis in college. Basketball didn't go beyond grade school and recreation. Football never got beyond street ball in the old neighborhood.

I still play some catch and follow all major sports. I like the Red Sox, Braves, (kinda like) Rangers, also Chargers, Titans, Falcons, Lions, Blazers, and Spurs.

My first experience in fantasy football was a rotisserie-style league back in the late 80s with co-workers. After I was laid off there, I liked the idea so much that I wrote my own fantasy football packet and started a league that's now been in existence for over 20 years. We have many rules that make our league much more unique and enjoyable than traditional online leagues.

Aside from my passion for sports, I am a writer. I've taken upper-division writing courses in college, and screenwriting as well. I have a movie registered and hope to turn that into a children's book as well in the near future. I have many other scripts in the works and hope to finish another one this year.

Most my work has been in the computer field, but after getting laid off from my last firm, I'm looking to find a job in the sports world, maybe as a writer, sports statistical analyst, or the like. If I got paid to do something in the sports world, I would love it because it would not feel like work to me. I hold out hope my screenwriting might yield something as well. I've entered some contests and hope to have a 2nd script finished in the coming months, so I might start looking into agencies for representation to see if I have a future in that world.

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