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My love of sports started with basketball. At the tender age of one, my parents took me to my first Phoenix Suns game, back when they played in the Purple Palace, the Madhouse on McDowell.

My dad set me down on the seat to get a churro (did they have churros back then?), and since at the time my head constituted 48.72% of my total body mass, I promptly fell forward of the seat and cracked my head on the stadium floor.

Since then, I've been an idiot Suns fan.

Along the way, I've adopted other teams and other sports. In college I was treated to a Giants game with some friends. Fueled by beer and a garlic fry high, I waved my NL West champion towel furiously to cheer on my new team. After the game I called my girlfriend at the time and told her we won! She said, you're from Taiwan, what do you mean "we."


It's definitely "we" for me now, I'm a card-carrying member of the Lunatic Fringe.

Professional football's been a work in progress. I've been trying to find the right balance of new fan-dom with bandwagonerism, and have yet to settle on a team to call my own.

If you have persuasive arguments (such as cash donations) as to why I should root for your team, I'm all ears.

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  • mark james posted 1311 days ago

    mark james

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  • Keith Schlosser posted 3000 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    I'm back!! I want to know, has Donnie Walsh done enough in his first summer with the Knicks?

  • Blaine Spence posted 3003 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    Happy Birthday "Ironhead" where ever you are!

  • Blaine Spence posted 3008 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    This article was originally published in support of Relay for Life. If you have read this before, then I apologize, but please considering donating at least $1 to Make a Wish in the memory of Josiah Herring. In light of several recent events I felt compelled to revisit cancer awareness and have not had the time for a new article. I Promise to have a new article out soon in support of the cause.

    Thank you everyone!

  • Ari Kramer posted 3012 days ago

    Ari Kramer

    I don't usually post articles on people's boards, but I don't know if this slideshow will get views unless I share it with people. If you have time, check this out.
    Thanks, I appreciate it.

  • Lars Hanson posted 3016 days ago

    Lars Hanson

    Thanks for the pick Brain.

  • Tyler Lambert posted 3035 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Hey, I just completed my second article on Duke Football, trying to become a Duke Football Featured Columnist. I preview the Top 5 Offensive Players to keep an eye on in 2009. Since I am trying to become a FC, please leave any feedback that you can, what I should do differently next time, things I can do to improve the article, etc. Thanks in advance. I appreciate the support!

  • Scotty Kimberly posted 3036 days ago

    Scotty Kimberly

    Do you care about how well the Cardinals are going to be represented?

    The NFC West Featured Columnists have created a competition for the upcoming season.

    Please check it out and comment with what you think about the rules and predictions so far.



  • Delete Account posted 3037 days ago

    Delete Account

    Thanks Brian.

  • John Lorge posted 3050 days ago

    John  Lorge

    I've been working on this for a while and now 2010: A LeBron James Odyssey is ready... if you want to know what will happen next summer you must read this: