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'Fins Fan Faithfully for Forty plus years...!!!
Professional Photographer New Haven, Ct
I was only 6 yr.s old during the Perfect Season, and from Ct., but my older cousin was a Dolphins fan, so that got me started and they've been my team since. From the lean years, to the resurgence of potential glory in the early Marino years, and back thru the long lean years again and hopefully another resurgence--just never had another team.
So many memories, so many what ifs...thrills and heartbreaks.
Lived in Miami for a few years early 90's so I got to see a few home games there. There are LOT of Die Hard Dolphin Fans up here in the northeast, especially Ct., where the airwaves are unfortunately dominated by Pats, Jets, Giants.
Been reading Bleacher Report daily for years but never set up a profile till now (March 2013)
Really looking forward to Free Agency and Draft as this is as key a single year as far as make or break moves in recent memory.

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