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  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1521 days ago


    You came onto FSU boards and you will what you give. You wanna start a war then I will finish it. Here is a present for you my friend. Read the last part, it does mention Kansas Shitty Chiefs. GO NOLES!

    @Britt Jones

    To all Bama trolls that wanna talk about Bama's stats compared to FSU: You seem to not mention FSU's accomplishments so I'll make it known for you! GO NOLES! If your not on this FSU website to talk with respect then this applies to you!


    No mention of FSU having 14 seasons of top 5 consecutive finishes something NO SCHOOL has ever done.

    No mention of BOBBY BOWDEN as coach with the most wins in division I football

    No mention of bama's staff leaving Alabama a championship Alabama at that to upgrade to FSU to coach

    No mention of how Bama had a half of century head start in football when compared to FSU yeah no wonder you have more wins stat wise you have a 60 year head start yeah that's something to rave about genius

    No mention of how FSU is the only school with double digit draft picks having 11 players turned pro and the only school in the draft with a qb taken in the first round

    No mention of how FSU loses 11 nfl players to the draft only to be ranked #2 with a redshirt freshmen who happens to be from Alabama

    No mention of how Alabama jumps Ok State without winning their division or conference only to be granted a championship spot against the same Lsu team that beat them in the season 2 seasons ago. You truly think that's not because of Nick Saban throwing his hissy fits and crying like a big baby then you are in denial. Politics at it's finest.

    No mention of the school that actually has more championships than you technically, because you brag about all of your titles and your a small fry in that department when an Ivy League school has more than you so that should enlighten you young ignorant Bama fans that only know Nick Saban era.

    Lastly, no mention of how Aj McCarron's girlfriend enjoyed the flame on the spear? It's good to know Bama girls like her know why FSU is FEAR THE SPEAR! Good job Darnell Docket! We all know a SEMINOLE when it dies in battle is a legend remembered, but when a crimson tide dies it's just another dumb dead elephant that actually forgets! GO NOLES!

    Just for the heck of it, No mention how all pro teams with mascots representing Native Americans, use FSU's warchant to symbolize their team. Were a college and got professional teams doing what we do example are Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs and so on. FSU influences the world nobody does it like us! GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1521 days ago


    If you think your qualified to discuss academics, then maybe you should take your own advice. I see your one of those people that likes to look down on others without looking in the mirror. Don't worry I will help you see how ignorant you are.

    If your going to talk about singular vs plural when describing the events of a Bama fan, then you should look at how you grammatically are incorrect after taking the time to place commas and dashes between pre-requisites. Here is what you said, i'll give you a taste of your own medicine. You quote, "then I think they should maybe raise the pre-requisites a little because." Ok stop right there, where is your commas between little and because Mr. genius? You don't say because in a sentence with having a comma before. Whatever school you went to, perhaps you should learn how to type correctly if your going to nit pick about singular vs plural, then look in the mirror my friend.

    THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID TOO. As far as your claims of Bama winning 3 out of the last 4 championships, you do realize Auburn won a championship before that, which proves my point YOU IDIOT! You are quite the hypocrite aren't you. If one person's actions don't represent their university, then how does Chris Parmele's comments are juvenile to you and yet you claim his comments represents FSU's fans perspective? He has a right to how he reads this article, so for you to bash him shows ignorance on your part. If you disagree, then you can find a better approach to plead your case, not that any FSU fans care what some outsider thinks anyway.

    Lastly, your a KC Chiefs fan, you do realize your team along with other professional teams with Native American mascots, copied FSU SEMINOLES when doing their chants. We are the root of all chants when it comes to Native American mascot teams. Your on here bashing FSU, but yet your nfl team wants to be like us. Were undefeated and so is your pathetic team. We do a tomahawk chop, yall copy it. Just like you copy and paste all your ignorant comments. GO NOLES!