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  • Kieran Sobels posted 1604 days ago

    Kieran Sobels

    Thanks for the comments man. Really enjoyed them and would love to have you continuing to comment on my articles! Always good to talk football with someone who actually knows what they're on about.


  • Michael Cerna posted 1655 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Hey man! No problem, you can post that link on my wall, my inbox, or even my articles. It's fine either way really.

    I actually read that piece before. It shows great reason to think Spain can still be efficient, but we've already seen how much they can struggle to score without an elite striker. One great counter-attack and they could lose an elimination match.

    Obviously the midfield is just SO dominant that they can account for the lack of true striker power, but that can't last forever.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1657 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks, amigo! I'll get on those ASAP. Oh and I finally responded to that comment on the '8 Lessons learned from El Clasico' piece. Great stuff from you as usual!

  • Michael Cerna posted 1719 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks! I think I fixed them all.

  • Michael Cerna posted 1720 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks so much! My colleagues will love hearing that, really. Thank you.

    P.S. Check your inbox. :-)

  • Michael Cerna posted 1800 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks so much, Chukwuemeka. You are so nice and extremely complimentary. I appreciate all of your comments and feedback so please keep them coming.

    I put out a short article in the season review series if you feel like checking it out:


  • Michael Cerna posted 1806 days ago

    Michael Cerna

    Thanks for the fan add, Chukwuemeka.