Sam DeJesus

Sam DeJesus


My name is Samantha DeJesus and I am Junior journalism major at UMass Amherst. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and was raised on baseball, football, and basketball. Many of you are correct when you assume I am a Patriot's fan and Celtic's fan however you would be surprised to know I am an absolute diehard New York Yankees fan.

As a child my father was a Yankees fanatic. He came to the United States when he was eight-years-old and immediately fell in love with baseball. At the time the race between the M&M boys, also known as Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, was taking place and he became obsessed with the Yankees organization and all the history attached to it. My love for sports comes from my father, and although he passed away in 2004 I know he would love that his passion for sports was passed on to me and I am now trying to make a career out of it.

My pieces will be based more on my opinion. I am extremely passionate about sports and understand others are as well. With that said, I welcome critiques and tips from everyone, all I ask is that you respect my opinion.

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