Ej Moreno

Ej Moreno

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21 years old and i find it to be the most boring thing ever.
I enjoy odd horror movies, professional wrestling is my first love and addiction in life, and i enjoy writing very much.
I have either watch, read about, or good ol wikipedia'd every Raw and Smackdown and PPV the WWE has down since almost 1999. My mother was a wrestling fan from the 70's indy scene to mainstream WWE in the 80's and ECW/WCW/and the Attitude Era WWF. I grew up loving all the current greats like Edge, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Hardys before the drugs and many more. But i also appreciate the icons who came before like Hulk, Dusty, Flair, Von Erichs, The Harts, and so many more.

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