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  • Rick Salo posted 1918 days ago

    Rick Salo

    You tyler are a handjob just like Cutler a LOSER ..Cuntler has never won a thing and never will the Packers OWN his 10 cent cocky arse...face it he will never win a Superbowl let alone be MVP or amount to anything the guy is a cocky arrogant mediocre POS just like you pussy boy

  • Brian Stewart posted 1958 days ago

    Brian Stewart

    Oh, and just making sure you get my response:

    First of all, the JMO, in case you don't know, stands for just MY, I'll repeat that for you, MY, opinion. And yeah, I kinda do have the fact that as far as my knowledge goes, Cutler has NEVER won a playoff game. I don't care what you say, for a guy who has been in the league for six+ years that isn't great. In that span, he's exceeded 4000 passing yards . . . ONCE. In that span, he's exceeded 25 Passing TDs . . . ONCE. In that span, he's posted a passer rating higher than 90 . . . NEVER. In that span, he has thrown fewer than ten INTs in a full season . . . . NEVER. Not exactly the numbers that an elite, playoff caliber QB puts up. Care to say I have nothing to back up MY OPINION still?

    You know, I get the feeling that you are a die hard Bears fan. But I can also tell by what I see on this profile that you are either A) A drive by tool who won't reply, or B) Rather new to this site. Not all of us are simply sitting here gunning for your favorite team. I simply posted my OPINION, on an OPINION BASED site. If that bothers you, then you really, really need to find a Bears fan blog instead of a general sports site. Because you need to have thicker skin than that to not royally piss people off on this site (like you have effectively pissed me off). Have a good night buddy, and try to be a bit more cordial when responding to people if you want a decent response back.