Gina Akerman

Gina Akerman


Born and Bred a Boston Red Sox fan, and living in the great state of NH, I am the poster Girl and spokes person for NH RED SOX NATION. I have been a fan of the Boston Red Sox as far back as I can remember, I was born a Red Sox fan and I will die one! The Boston Red Sox have the biggest fan base in all of baseball, with fans in every state and nation. The Red Sox stand alone atop the baseball world. Two times in four seasons and for the seventh time in club history after a four-game sweep of the Rockies in 2007, the Red Sox won their second world series in one decade. And if you didn't know, the first one in 2004 was after a 86 year wait.That year we came back in the ALCS from a 3 game deficit against our rivals The NY Yankees to win 4, breaking a never done before record come back! Wow what a win that was!! Well I'll say it, If we Red Sox fans have anything it's Faith!! God I love my Sox!!!
From child birth to the grave many of us live for this...The passion of not just the game, but for the BOSTON RED SOX, the greatest team win or lose on earth. We laugh and we cry, have been there in the good times and the bad ones...Yet the ball park is filled to the max either way. We appreciate solid efforts from our players and stick with them even on the worst of days...we cherish our championships and don't need 27 of them to prove we are great. More than any other team in all of sports us Red Sox fans rise above and take over other stadiums and ballparks across the nation..."LET'S GO RED SOX!!!" can be heard in the crowds of other teams ballparks...Even in Yankee Stadium there are times Red Sox fans out number Yankee fans. From Regular Fans, to Red Sox Mafia, and members of Red Sox Nation we stand together and hold tight to our beliefs...We love our Red Sox above all else, but cheer for two teams...The other, ANYONE THAT PLAYS THE YANKEES!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!

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  • Scott Rieger posted 3324 days ago

    Scott Rieger

    Hey Gina, I can appreciate your disdain for the Yankees. It gave me great pleasure to see them miss the playoffs this year. Equally disturbing to me though, was that my team was favored to win the World Series before the season began and completely flopped!!! GO Tigers!

  • Rodge Correa posted 3429 days ago

    Rodge Correa

    Hey Gina, check my article out!

    Take care babe

  • glenn warciski posted 3525 days ago

    glenn warciski

    I am with you. Growing up a Mets fan, I cannot stand the arrogance of Yankee fans. I hope the Red Sox win the AL East this year.

    be well.

  • Pro Football NYC posted 3533 days ago

    Pro Football NYC

    I like your bio

    you sound like a lot of people in NY

    most of them hate the Yankees too

    Thx again