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At 64 years of age.....too long to go into. Have lived in New York, Georgia, and Alabama. Appreciates humor, as well as sarcasm! I will dish both out!

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  • Chris Lane posted 2090 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Hey Ed... Just a small rundown on me so you know: I live in Florida, I'm 39, I have a total of 4 kids between my ex-wife and my step-children, and as of late... I have become more into saving my soul and the souls of my family than anything else. My point is just that I am a Christian, I wish you well, I'm very glad to have met you here at B/R and.... I have trouble because I call everyone "brother". I hope that didn't offend you. You are sincerely a good man. I just can tell these things. If you ever want to talk to me away from this place, my email address is: I promise that I'm no REAL weirdo, but these days... ya never know, right? Hehe.

    I come here to chat, and ARGUE with people so often that I can honestly say that some of my best friends come to B/R. I met them here. The funny thing is (since I am a Buckeye fan) that my best friends here (Ken, Joel, and Grant) are fans of Michigan State, Michigan, and Wisconsin. "Big Ten Buddies" maybe?

    Yes, we are big NASCAR fans here in our house. My wife is a huge Earnhardt fan so our house is a bit of an Earnhardt museum. I have always been a Ford/Roush fan, so I'm the Biffle fan of the house. We live about 15 minutes from Daytona International Speedway so we hardly miss any race action here. In fact, I'm watching the Richmond race now. I don't miss a race.

    Anyway... I am more than happy that I met you today and I want you to know that you and yours will be in my prayers tonight. This is a great country that people like you have sacrificed for and I never forget the blessings of God and men that have let me be where I am. It may sound corny, but I swear that it is true. If you ever need a friend, use that email address. You are a great guy and I consider it an honor to have met you today.

    God bless you.

    Oh... if you ever go to my "bio" page and click on "contact Chris" that is another way to contact me in private if you wish. I REALLY hope to run into you again on the message boards. The more you "show your ass", the more I'll be able to find you. Hahahaha. Take care, my friend.