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Stephen A

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Student at PSU.
Interested in sports (obviously) and traveling.
Football is my least favorite sport to watch. Commercials every minute and really uneventful. Soccer is even better. Give soccer a chance because I did and now I love it.
Rank in sports I like to play: Golf, baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, football, soccer
Rank in sports I like to watch: Hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, NASCAR, football

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  • Chris Stephens posted 1741 days ago

    Chris Stephens

    Just wrote an article on Roy Halladay and the Cy Young award. Check it out at

  • Jason Johnson posted 2507 days ago

    Jason Johnson

    Thanks for reading!

    And if I could give you some of those points back to help keep the Sabres out, I would!

  • Mark Marino posted 2507 days ago

    Mark Marino

    PS...welcome! Always great to see new hockey fans on here!

  • Mark Marino posted 2507 days ago

    Mark Marino

    Hey Stephen,
    Thanks for reading my aricle and the comments!

  • Ryan Alberti posted 2507 days ago

    Ryan Alberti

    Glad I could help, Stephen. Keep the good stuff coming...

  • Andrew Kneeland posted 2508 days ago

    Andrew Kneeland

    Stephen A. Smith, lol?