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Turk Turkleton

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  • ColeYote posted 943 days ago


    Jesus Christ, that fight was 4 months ago and you're STILL bitching about it in every comment you write?!

  • sloan bryan posted 947 days ago

    sloan  bryan

    we are sending out the terminators

  • Turk Turkleton posted 947 days ago

    Turk Turkleton

    I hate you, Turk Turkleton!

  • Joey Diaz posted 953 days ago

    Joey Diaz

    1st, 2nd and the 5th.
    True story.

  • Neal Martin posted 953 days ago

    Neal Martin

    Who cares who wons rounds what!!! Its over now and Diaz would have had the decision reversed anyway if he had of got it!!
    That being said, Diaz will be back, and will be UFC Welterweight Champion!!!

  • Dylan Blackwell posted 954 days ago

    Dylan Blackwell

    That being said, no one cares. Diaz quit when something didn't suit him. I hear strikeforce is hiring?

  • Dwight K. Shrute posted 957 days ago

    Dwight K. Shrute

    diaz lost, get over it

  • James Bond posted 965 days ago

    James  Bond

    that being said stfu about nick diaz

  • steve thomas posted 966 days ago

    steve thomas

    that being said Carlos then got his hand raised

  • sloan bryan posted 968 days ago

    sloan  bryan