Timothy Davis

Timothy Davis


That's me on the right wearing my ultimate rally cap, my beloved Cubbies needed it that day. There's really only two things you need to know about me: First, I love, love stats! I'm a stats junky! Especially when it comes to baseball stats. Second, baseball is the end all be all of sports for me, especially Cubs baseball.

I follow all the major sports, none as much as I follow baseball, but nevertheless I can hold my own in just about all of them. The list goes: baseball, college football, tennis, billards, pro football, basketball, chess (yes I said chess), NASCAR, hockey, and anything else you could possibly come up with.

I've played every sport at least once, this does not include ice hockey, but I've played roller hockey, so I know how difficult each sport is. That's why I have nothing but respect for most of the athletes that play these sports.

I look forward to writing about my favorite teams and sports, but mostly your comments.

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  • Nathaniel Stoltz posted 3559 days ago

    Nathaniel Stoltz

    Thanks man. I try. It's good to know someone else on this site appreciates my love for baseball stats.