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  • Omar Nunez posted 2094 days ago

    Omar Nunez

    Wait, first let me laugh at this comment you wrote. Hahahahahahahhahaha! Whew...Now, I am not a person to start a personal argument in this type of forum, but you have instigated and deserve every word I'm about to say.

    Look, on a scale of 1-10 your comment means about a -999 trillion in my books. Let me put it to you this, way. I am so secure in my appearance, that I could care less if my own mother thought I was ugly, never mind what a flea like you thinks. You are are as meaningless as the white stuff that accumulates in the corner of your mouth when people get thirsty.

    This a sports website not a gay hookup site, were I would expect comments on the way I look. Please go to or something like that. I don't need your sick twisted comments, so get lost.