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I grew up in Humboldt County (no, I don't have any), along the coast, north of Eureka, CA (about 60 miles south of the Oregon border). Went to college in the area (Humboldt State) and moved to San Francisco not long after. I have worked in various publishing and content management jobs, including editing PBS NewsHour and other PBS shows for online viewing. I also taught ESL overseas in both the Czech Republic and England (trust me, their English is abominable) where finding a place to watch a Niner game could be downright challenging. I love music, film and sports—but not music or films about sports (the exceptions being Mojo Nixon's stunning rocker, "Not as Much as Football" and "Major League" still cracks me up).

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  • Peter Panacy posted 6 hours ago

    Peter Panacy

    Thanks again James!

  • Peter Panacy posted 3 days ago

    Peter Panacy

    Thanks James. I appreciate the feedback and tips!

  • Scott Carasik posted 9 days ago

    Scott Carasik

    I was saying 3-4 and 4-3 as opposed to the base nickel that's on their website.

  • Scott Polacek posted 9 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits, much appreciated...I went ahead and made Quinn a topic.

  • Peter Panacy posted 20 days ago

    Peter Panacy

    Thanks for the edits James. I appreciate the feedback.

  • Giancarlo King posted 24 days ago

    Giancarlo King

    Thank you, James. Appreciate all of the work you put in. Sorry about the clause issue in the beginning. I see what you did to fix it and agree.

  • Matt Stein posted 28 days ago

    Matt Stein

    Thanks for the edits, James. Appreciate the work.

  • Tyler Horner posted 42 days ago

    Tyler Horner

    That all makes sense James, I'll keep that in mind from now on!

  • Dave Siebert, M.D. posted 48 days ago

    Dave Siebert, M.D.

    Appreciate the help, sir. Also re: Em dashes: working on it! Old habits die hard it seems.

  • Giancarlo King posted 48 days ago

    Giancarlo King

    Thanks a lot, James! Appreciate the edits as always.