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I've never been outspoken about sports and in particular wrestling which is one of my main passions. Yes that right. A passion, a sport, an entertainment medium and most importantly a whirlwind of a viewing experience and I’d have it no other way.

I’ve been a fan of all things wrestling since the mid nineteen nineties and have been enthralled ever since. The first match that I can remember is Shawn Michaels against Bret Hart at Wrestle mania and since that momentum I’ve been hooked ever since. However unlike a lot of fans, I’m neither a WWE “fan boy” nor a TNA “mark” as I like both company’s for different reasons.

Some vital stats:

• Wrestling fan for: 13+ years
• Favourite male wrestler: Kurt Angle
• Favourite female wrestler: Cheerleader Melissa
• Favourite Promotion: Shimmer Women Athletes
• Favourite wrestling event: Wrestle mania 21
• Favourite wrestling DVD: Shimmer volume 5

My musical taste is very eclectic, it has some rock, rap and even country throw into the mix. The reason for the diverse taste is through having a sister who like pop, a brother that likes rap and friends who like rock.

Some of my favourites acts:

• Eminem
• Paramore
• Europe (final countdown!!)

Article Recognition:
Feuds From The Vault - MsChif vs. Cheerleader Melissa - Posted on her official Twitter and website - Cheerleader Melissa

Cheerleader Melissa Brightest Star In America - Posted on her official Myspace and website - Cheerleader Melissa.

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  • Robert Pentangelo posted 2661 days ago

    Robert Pentangelo

    I hope you do a best women's wrestlers in WWE or even all time list--that way I know Trish will NOT be #! or 2.