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A huge cricket-freak, with a brain that always smells cricket, dreams cricket and talks cricket. I also love watching european football as well as a bit of wrestling. Rahul Dravid is my all-time favorite cricketer, and he was the last reason for me to be watching India play test cricket. I wonder what am I going to do now when he stops playing after IPL!! BTW, I also love playing cricket along with badminton and have recently picked up interest in cross-country running.
On the other side of my life, I am a post-graduate in industrial engineeing and currently residing at Mumbai, India.

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  • wayne challenger posted 3142 days ago

    wayne  challenger

    well i will eventually write articles but sometimes i am just too busy. i am currently studying law so sometimes my time is all tied up. and what is very strange is that we both love the same kind of sports, cricket, soccer and wrestling, well i dont watch wrestling like before because the rock no longer wrestle and i was a die hard fan of the rock lol he use to kick TRIPLE H rudy poo candy ass lol i love soccer to die for as well, i have followed it even more than i follow cricket with my number 1 team being brazil and number 2 manchester united but whoever club ronaldo use to play for i support that club, i mean the ronaldo from brazil not the one from portugal who plays for man u, and yea it was nice debating sachin and lara we have our own personal view to who is better and that is understanderble, i am a west indian and you are an indian, pakistanis thinks that imran khan is the best thing ever so everybody always stck to their own, sachin is a better role model than lara though i would be the first to admit that, he is a very humble nice person.