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  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1354 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    It's all about the coach man. Players like messi are so competitive when he lost he used to cry... if he's not trying there's something weird going on. a coach that understands the players is what we need. Tata tried to do too much. He alienated his most important players. Players like xavi, iniesta, messi, puyol are captains or in messi case influential do not support the coach. It's obvious. We play on the wing so much messi is taken out of the game too easily. When the ball is played into the wing, rather than work it back in, we send thousands of crosses in. You don't for a second think xaviesta, messi. Pedro, alexis want to see 10yd high crosses do you? Nope. So many crosses. Also that 2 forward tactics with messi and neymar is terrible for the whole team. No positioning, no structure whatsoever and players getting in each others way.

    It's not about benching the stars imo as someone like xavi will know when he cannot play every 3 days. It's about a coach that brings something new in ADDITION Rather than taking away things from the team. Players like alexis and Pedro started well when we were attacking through the middle. Once we started crossing they became useless.

    My opinion of course

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1356 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    i try to stay off here more and more since the articles are getting more and more terrible. im more on twitter most matchdays. we have a small group of barca fans on there

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1356 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    not really interested in klopp or martinez. call me crazy but i want someone in-grown. someone that understoods our philosophy and maybe knows our youth...from that list... im in love with the names in accordance .

    1. enrique Luis : he got us third place as a coach few seasons before at BarcaB, and i think he's coached some of our current youngsters. ex barca player too. also his celta team is seriously young, so he does favor youth players.

    2. valverde: former barca player, also works with youth in AB. values defense and offense as well. seems good tactically.

    3. frank Boer: ajax, seems abit weak tactically though. former barca defender, also works with youth players.

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1424 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    We'd whoop dortmund on current form.. nothing is working for them.

    Bayern probably would do us 4-2 on aggregate
    United are shite
    Chelsea would be interesting if they play us as they play other teams
    PSG is definitely one that intrigues me
    Atletico don't really park the bus, just defend too damn well against us but I'd be bored honestly

    Madrid? Not sure I wanna face them right now. Their midfield and defense is finally too strong and.ours is the exact opposite the league classico will say a lot about both teams
    Arsenal? Probably going home.
    Honestly nothing I'm looking forward to but I'd love to get utd lol

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1452 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    The thing with us buying is... the position we need to.cover the most is the hardest. CM. it's just really hard. I'd love gundogan but that's about it.

    About Roberto... good yes but honestly I don't think it's xavi's fault per se. thiago played next to xavi and looked world class. With Roberto you see a direct player with good possession abilities but NO PASSING RANGE. I'm not just looking for directness because when we face the bus, being direct will be useless. I want some 30-40 yard passes. I still see some from xavi. I just wanna see Roberto at least display vision for once. It's infuriating when messi has to be the one dropping and playing those passes. Whatever the point is, I'd like us to justify using 2CMs instead of 2CDMs.

    Rafinha is one I wanna see in CM. He's a bit attacking but wth?

    Lol Pedro convincing you yet? That's like his umpteenth assist ah

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1454 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    Well I don't follow eusebio much but for one I know our B team was never the same once pep got promoted but he still was there to oversee.. now that he's not there the team has regressed. Honestly the closest person to pep Is imo celta vigo coach)(I forgot his name but he was a former player and b team would have gotten promotion under him if rules allowed for them in 1st division). Anyways Ye we need a new b team coach because I'm not hearing about anything raving and at this rate. Roberto looks like an average mid (by barca standards).. and cesc got his winter season virus again. Xavi loves the ball so much you have to force him to make a play
    The only true mid doing his job is Don andres.

    Yup buy a CB. Would love mussachio but villareal aren't in desperate need of money and they want 40m. Honestly I'm sure there are decent CBs in LA liga for cheap. Just lazy scouting.

    About ur PS: gotta look crazy on snapchat for the girlfriend. It was a challenge

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1455 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    honestly i CALL BS! no point deduction or anything...

    the whole charge is a "misappropriation of funds"...whose funds? barca's funds.

    how can you deduct a club for misappropriating their own funds? and then ban them from the ucl. the question isnt whether neymar was fully paid off, the question was what happened to 40m if we only paid 17 to santos.... thats all!

    a guy embezzled (in theory). not the whole club. we arent doping or anything or at least nothing that other clubs dont do..

  • the MEME guy posted 1576 days ago

    the MEME guy

    Thank you so much mate...we may be a minority...but us loyal supporters just need to shout loud enough, that other people can see the true picture....

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 1585 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    its ok.. we have to disagree to agree.. or agree to disagree.. idk one thing i do know is, every game we play, we score 100 goals, we will prolly concede 99... sad scenario when toothpique is UNTOUCHABLE... why do we even bother chasing around inigo martinez? hes gonna run into the same problem bartra is facing.. pique is a god

  • Dan Riaz posted 1602 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    XD XD XD "So dude this one night, I actually woke up on a chess board."

    Seriously that group is a doss.. XD Fans actually think we wont make it LOL